July 18, 2024


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Gadgets: Cobra PRO 2500W Professional Grade 2500 Watt Power inverter useful for long trips

The Cobra PRO 2500W Professional Grade 2500 Watt Power inverter brings standard power to areas that don’t generally have power port options.

Adding a device like this is almost a necessity for long trips in cars, campers, RVs and even in marine vehicles for smartphone charging, power tools, even small appliances. And what makes it even easier is the simple installation, although caution must be taken in following the instructions to ensure a correct connection since it goes through the vehicle’s battery.

Because power is being converted, it’s critical to understand what’s taking place. Thankfully, Cobra explains it very simply: “The Cobra PRO Power Inverter is a power conversion device that is designed and built to operate from low voltage DC (Direct Current) power from your vehicle battery and converts it to standard 115 Volt AC (Alternating Current) power like you have in your home. This conversion process allows you to use many of your household appliances and electronic products in automobiles, RVs, boats, trucks, and virtually anywhere else with a 12 Volt battery.”

The Cobra Pro 2500 (11.5-by-8.94-by-3.74 inches, 5.73 pounds) is designed to bring power where you need it. This can be a critical during severe weather, particularly in areas without power. Connecting the inverter to an extra car battery is an inexpensive way to survive a crisis by quickly adding smartphone charging or outlets for a small space heater.

The Cobra PRO 2500W inverter is a great device and can be installed on your own. Two pairs of 48-inch power cables are included; two red/positive, two black/negative, with terminal protector boots. They are hard-wired to the batteries marked with indicator colors that match up with the other end to the back of the Pro 2500W. Match red to red and black to black. Once completed, front-facing (four) GFCI protected AC outlets, and single USB-C and USB-A fast charging ports are ready to use. Also, the front panel has a power button, and a display for the battery voltage, power in watts, and kilowatts. A small row of LED lights (green, yellow and red) displays the battery voltage and output power indications.

Cooling fans are on the back and turn when needed to regulate the temperature, preventing overheating. To the sides of the fans are the terminal connectors for the included power cables. The bottom of the inverter has 4 feet to keep it sitting flat or in a more permanent place since it’s ready for mounting

While I was doing the initial installation, I found the connectors to be a different size from my boat battery. A trip to the auto parts store produced a smaller adapter that instantly solved the problem.

For mounting, it must be in an open cool, dry, and well-ventilated flat area. If the inverter is mounted and out of reach, an optional remote controller ($59.99) is available.

Powering and charging small devices are easy since they don’t take up much power. Even Christmas lights can be connected, each bulb taking about 0.5 watts. Or, your more power-hungry devices can be connected. Cobra’s formula is to multiply the total AC load (in watts) by the length of time (in hours) needed to run your appliance. For example, using a 300-watt blender for 15 minutes equals 75 watt-hours. The manual has several easy-to-understand examples of what and how to run specific devices for power.

The Cobra PRO 2500W Professional Grade 2500 Watt Power inverter is so useful, I don’t know how I have lived without it. But remember it’s working with power. Following the instructions are critical, and simple. I’m often one for not reading instructions, just unboxing and getting going. But in this case, I read every word first and then installed it.

www.cobra.com $299.95

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