December 11, 2023


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Get $200 Worth Of VR Games 30 Bucks For A Limited Time

If you’re looking to pad out your VR gaming library on PC, Fanatical’s Ultimate VR Bundle 2 is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Like many other Fanatical deals, you create your own bundle, selecting up to 10 games from a list of 15. Some of the games in the bundle include the first-person shooters Contractors and Overkill VR, the stealth-action game Republique VR, and rhythm games like Dance Collider and Beat Blaster. Here’s the full list you get to pick from:

The 10-game package is just $30, but you can scale back to just six games for $20, four for $15, or two for $9 if you only want to buy a few games in the collection. Considering the games in the bundle normally cost between $10 and $30 a piece, this is a pretty affordable way to try out some new VR experiences.

However, if you spend $10 or more on a single order, you also get a free entry in Fanatical’s “Spin to Win” Spring Sale event, where you can “spin” a prize wheel that includes freebies like discount coupons; free PC copies of games like Elden Ring, God of War, Warhammer: Vermintide, and more; and even a $250 shopping spree.

Fanatical’s Ultimate VR Bundle 2 is available until March 29th. All keys in the bundle are redeemable via Steam, but check each game’s product details to ensure it’s compatible with your specific VR headset. Also, while you’re at Fanatical, don’t forget to check out the retailer’s massive Spring Sale, which features thousands of games for discounted prices.

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