July 18, 2024


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Get ready for Microsoft’s Windows 11 media blitz

Windows 11 officially goes on sale Tuesday, but expect the media blitz to begin later today.

Why it matters: Microsoft’s operating system launches aren’t what they were back in the days when people lined up outside of retail stores at midnight. But this is still the most significant update in years and comes as the PC industry is getting a pandemic-fueled resurgence.

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Driving the news: Microsoft will be sounding the drumbeat loudest, touting both the operating system and its new Surface gear, but other PC makers will also look to seize the moment to make sure everyone is aware of their latest products.

  • While it won’t be a redux of the Windows 95 heyday, Microsoft wants to make sure everyone knows it is launch day, starting with the first time zones in Australia and Asia that hit Tuesday during the middle of our Monday.

Catch up quick: Windows 11 includes a fresh user interface, built-in Teams video chat and other tweaks, including a news feed and updated widgets. It will start showing up on new PCs, including the Surface laptops and tablets that Microsoft announced last month.

Yes, but: One of Windows 11’s key features — the ability to run Android apps via the Amazon App Store — won’t be broadly available at launch.

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