July 19, 2024


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Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirms JioPhone Next’s launch timeline; check out details

Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirms JioPhone Next's launch timeline; check out details

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirms JioPhone Next’s launch timeline; check out details

Reliance’s new affordable smartphone JioPhone Next will be launched by Diwali in India, Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed during the earnings call of Alphabet. 

As Reliance Jio prepares to unveil its new handset soon, Pichai stated that the affordable smartphone will have a lot of impact in connecting and helping millions of people take advantage of a smartphone.

“We’ve also made progress with the Made for India affordable smartphone, co-developed with Reliance. JioPhone Next device features premium localized capabilities and is on track to launch in the market by Diwali,” Pichai noted during the earnings call post announcing robust quarterly results late on Tuesday. 

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The upcoming JioPhone Next will house Pragati OS, powered by Android.

“People are looking for access and there’s definitely been a wave of them who have adopted smartphones (in India),” Pichai said.

The Google CEO further stated that the partnership with Reliance Jio is exciting as they are investing beyond English and offering more local languages to users.

“I view it as laying the foundation. It’s a version of digital transformation and palpable, the demand we see. And I think over a three- to five-year time frame, it will end up having a lot of impact. But overall, India, just like Asia Pacific, continues to be an exciting market for us,” Pichai noted.

JioPhone Next will be assembled at Reliance Jio’s Neolync facility in Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) and Sriperumbudur (Tamil Nadu). The made-for-masses smartphone is likely to be priced at around Rs 3,499.

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Google owner Alphabet Inc on Tuesday reported higher than expected third-quarter ad sales, a sign that the business is overcoming new limits on tracking mobile users and that online shopping is as popular as ever heading into the holiday season.

Through its search engine, YouTube video service and partnerships across the Web, Google sells more internet ads than any other company. Demand for its services surged in the past year as the pandemic forced people to spend more time online, and their new habits have persisted.

Google advertising revenue rose 41% to $53.1 billion during the third quarter. Alphabet’s overall sales jumped to $65.1 billion.


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