April 14, 2024


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GTA Online Lowrider Crushed By Tank Keeps On Bouncing

An excellent video shows an unlucky GTA Online player who had their lowrider flattened by a tank, but even that couldn’t stop their bouncing.

An unfortunate Grand Theft Auto Online player had their car crushed by a tank, but that couldn’t stop their vibe. Smiling in the face of adversity is somewhat ironic for the GTA community right now, considering the announcements that have come out recently. Many fans are still impatiently waiting for news about Grand Theft Auto 6, while developer Rockstar continues to push GTA5 onto new consoles even though the game has been around for nearly a decade.

Rockstar most recently revealed Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a collection that includes the first three games in the series. The collection will be coming to all major consoles and PC this November. While this is great news for fans of the franchise, and the GTA Trilogy does have a fresh look, it doesn’t really bring anything new to a series that desperately needs a healthy dose of brand new content.

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A video posted on Reddit by 53ORCHARD shows a tank unceremoniously flattening a lowrider, knocking off the front wheels, and starting a few fires. In a display of persistence, however, the car continues to drive and bounce down the street. The comments were full of praise for the comedy of this ridiculous situation, and one commenter even pointed out that “this is definitely some high quality meme material…” It would be no surprise to see this clip reposted in the future featuring some clever comparisons to Rockstar games or really anything else.

The meme format is pretty simple and doesn’t have to stick to the GTA series. For example, put some text over the lowrider that reads “Fans excited to play N64 games on the Switch” and text on the tank that reads “Nintendo making NSO premium cost $50.” The meme could even focus around other issues fans have with Rockstar, such as the lowrider Red Dead Online crushed by the GTA Trilogy tank, since some fans speculate that Red Dead Online hasn’t received much content because developers have been busy with the remaster collection.

This video struck a chord with GTA Online players who have been waiting very impatiently for announcements about GTA 6. The flattened lowrider is an easy metaphor for Rockstar still pushing older games onto new consoles, like Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to the PS5, rather than moving on to a brand new title. This has become a trend lately, with massively successful games like GTA5 and Skyrim focusing on minor updates to their online functionality rather than a full-fledged sequel. Thankfully, GTA Online, thanks to its open-world and chaotic players, will always be a great place for new ridiculous videos like this one to keep people entertained for now.

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GTA Online is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: 53ORCHARD/Reddit

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