April 14, 2024


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Halo 5 Still Not Coming to PC, Confirms 343 Industries After Nvidia GeForce Now Leak

343 Industries has once again clarified that Halo 5: Guardians won’t be making its way to PC after a leaked listing on the NVIDIA Geforce Now database suggested the same. Brian Jarrard, community director of 343 Industries, took to Twitter to clarify that the leaked PC listing may have referred to Halo 5: Forge, which did get a PC port, but that doesn’t mean anything for a potential PC port of Halo 5.

“We know there’s some demand for it, but as we’ve stated before, not in the cards as the studio is fully focused on Infinite and MCC,” he said.

This isn’t the first time that 343 Industries has announced its lack of plans to bring Halo 5 to PC, with the developer stating the same last year around the time Halo 4 was joining the Master Chief Collection on PC. At that time, Halo’s community manager John Junyszek had stated that “[t]here is a desire for Halo 5 to join…the Master Chief Collection”.

Although Halo 5 may not make its way to PC any time soon, the next game in the franchise, Halo Infinite is being built to take full advantage of PC hardware when it releases later this year. It’s also nice to see the game targeting 30fps on last-gen Xbox One consoles as opposed to the original promise of 60fps. This means that the developer can focus on scaling the game up for the Xbox Series X|S consoles without hitting the previous ceiling for visual fidelity bound by old hardware.

Halo 5: Guardians is out now on Xbox One consoles, with it being playable on Xbox Series X|S consoles with backwards compatibility. The game is also available in Xbox Game Pass for consoles.

Halo Infinite will release on December 8, 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass for both PC and console. The game’s multiplayer component will be free to play on all platforms, and certain core features like campaign co-op and forge mode will come to the game a few months after launch.

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