April 13, 2024


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Halo Infinite on PC Won’t Feature Ray Tracing at Launch

Developer 343 Industries has already confirmed in recent months that at launch, Halo Infinite won’t have every feature available right away. Notably, both campaign co-op and Forge mode are both planned to be coming to the game in the months after its December release date. And while this news was already somewhat upsetting to many fans who were looking forward to Halo Infinite this year, 343 has now made clear that the PC version of the game won’t contain a rather notable feature as well when it arrives.

Detailed via the Xbox website today, 343 Industries revealed some new details about the PC iteration of Halo Infinite. In doing so, the studio announced that ray tracing, which is a popular graphical feature that is seen in many PC titles, won’t be contained in Halo Infinite on day one. Instead, the studio is planning to bring ray tracing to the title in the future with the help of AMD. “Launch is just the beginning for Halo Infinite on PC. As such, AMD was willing to pursue a close, long-term partnership with Halo across both engineering and marketing efforts,” the studio explained in its blog post. “Most excitingly though, we’re looking forward to working closely with AMD to bring raytracing to Halo Infinite. Raytracing is one [of] our top development priorities post-launch and [we] look forward to sharing more soon.”

Even though 343 might be leaving ray tracing out of Halo Infinite at release, the studio has still stressed that it is incredibly “passionate” about the experience that it has put together for the platform. To that end, features such as ultrawide support, custom frame rates, FOV sliders, and additional graphical settings will all be found in the game. 343 stressed that as a whole, “Halo Infinite was built from the ground-up for PC.”

At this point in time, we don’t have much longer left to wait to see how Halo Infinite will actually turn out. The game is poised to release later this holiday season on December 8 and will be coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and of course, PC. 

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