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Halo Infinite Patch Will Improve Big Team Battle & Add Changes to Shop

A Halo Infinite Developer reveals a patch that may fix Big Team Battle’s connection issues has been submitted and could be live as soon as February 3.

Players waiting for Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle playlist to get patched may be able to join games unhindered soon given news of an upcoming fix. Halo has been an Xbox staple since the original game launched with the first console in 2001, helping pave the way for modern multiplayer shooters. Like many of today’s popular online shooters, Halo Infinite has had issues since it launched last November.

Halo Infinite launched its free-to-play multiplayer on PC and current- and last-gen Xbox systems, successfully bringing the series back into the limelight. Developer 343 Studios has introduced new online game modes that add a variety of multiplayer options. At launch, Big Team Battle mode had many veteran players particularly excited, as the game mode is a Halo multiplayer staple. Unfortunately, the game mode has had trouble keeping players connected since launch, especially when more than a few friends are grouped up. However, fans received some hopeful news that a fix may be coming sooner than expected.


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Developers took to the Halo Waypoint Blog to tell fans that an upcoming patch has been submitted for approval that will address the core problems Halo Infinite’s BTB has had since its launch. As reported by Gamespot, if all goes well, the fix could be live as soon as February 3. This is not the first attempted fix of BTB’s issues, as previous attempts have looked to reduce the mode’s disconnection ratio by preventing players from joining games in progress and reducing the amount of friends players could invite for a match. These actions did not fix the issue, as players continue to have trouble staying connected to Halo Infinite’s 24-player battles. Developers believe this next update should stabilize the fan-favorite mode thanks to player feedback and data attained from previous hotfixes.

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A fix for BTB is not the only hopeful news the weekly update provided. Players can expect the return of the Purrfect Audio helmet, which puts adorable cat ears on Halo Infinite’s Spartans. In addition, developers acknowledged that the in-game shop has previously failed to deliver value and quality. They announced they would continue to monitor shopper trends and player feedback through the rest of season 1 to make the anticipated season 2 of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer a much more enjoyable experience for players looking to earn or purchase stylish cosmetics.

After years of waiting, fans finally have the Halo Infinite open-world campaign to explore and more than a half dozen multiplayer game modes to play. Still, players are likely anxious to see the fan-favorite BTB playlist stabilize soon so the mode can become the reliable, enjoyable experience it has been in past games. While gamers are excited for developers to iron out the game’s bugs, many are even more excited for Halo Infinite’s upcoming co-op mode to launch in addition to the many other improvements teased for season 2, which is set to release around May 2022.

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Halo Infinite is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Sources: Gamespot, Halo Waypoint Blog

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