April 17, 2024


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Halo Infinite’s PC Cheaters Drive Players To Ask for Crossplay Opt-Out

Halo Infinite’s Xbox community is citing concerns about PC players cheating to ask 343 Industries to give them the option to disable crossplay.

Every multiplayer game is, unfortunately, going to have some cheaters, and the ones in Halo Infinite have become so prolific on PC that some Xbox players are asking for a way to opt-out of crossplay. This isn’t the first time these complaints have been raised against Halo Infinite —players on Reddit have pointed to evidence of aimbots and other cheating software.

Halo Infinite is the latest game to feature crossplay, a way to connect players on different platforms to widen the field of potential players, as well as connecting friends who might otherwise be unable to play together. This also comes with cross-progression, a hallmark of Microsoft titles that allow players to play some games on any Microsoft platform without having to start over. Halo Infinite harkens back to Halo: Combat Evolved in some ways, but with these newer multiplayer capabilities, it embraces the present and the future. However, not everyone is having a great time with this particular innovation.


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Now, RockPaperShotgun reports that the cheating has gotten so bad that some Halo Infinite Xbox players are asking 343 Industries to give them the opportunity to turn off crossplay so they don’t have to play with those on PC. Many have cited cheaters as the specific reason that they chose to play on Xbox over PC in the first place, and find it disappointing that they are forced to play with those they sought to avoid. Halo Infinite isn’t the first to face these issues, nor will it be the last. Just earlier this year, Call of Duty: Warzone players demanded crossplay changes because of this exact same reason, hackers who some claimed were ruining the console experience.

Halo Infinite screenshot with an energy sword weilding Elite.

Cheating is more widespread on PC than on console, due mainly to the fact that PC players have access to game files in ways console players don’t. It’s still possible to cheat on consoles, but it takes more effort, and so is seen less often. Separating the two groups, though, wouldn’t completely solve the issue. While that would reduce the amount of cheating to which Xbox players would be exposed, it wouldn’t do anything to help the PC players who’d still end up in lobbies with the offenders. 343 Industries may want to implement an additional anti-cheat system to crack down on cheating—though perhaps not Denuvo, given past review-bombing and overall negative reaction to that one.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has only been available for a couple of weeks, and while it has generally been well-received, it’s not a good sign that cheaters are already rampant. 343 Industries will need to address this issue, and soon if it wants to keep its player base. The dev team has recently stated that its highest priorities right now are challenges and Battle Passes, but that may change soon if this issue continues.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available on Xbox Series S/X and PC.

Source: RockPaperShotgun

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