June 13, 2024


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Hawaii smartphone app lets drivers find parking in downtown Honolulu

HONOLULU (KHON) — Did you know there is an app that lets you reserve a parking spot in busy downtown Honolulu?

PARKLINQ is a smartphone app you can use to find a parking spot from the comfort of your home. Westley Wendler, the co-founder of this app, calls it the new way of parking.

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“A lot quicker and easier with no lines or pay stations,” said Wendler. “No more circling the block looking for parking. You can find parking from a bird’s eye view and be GPS right to your spot.”

Wendler and his co-founder Tyler Saenz created a way for parking to be touchless, which is something they feel can be useful during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, it’s just the perfect time to go digital with parking and bring parking into a whole new era,” said Wendler. “Parking is very outdated, and it needs to change. What this has done is it digitize parking to make it simpler for everyone.”

Wendler said all you have to do is visit their website to see what parking spots are available, then put in your vehicle information to reserve a spot for an amount of time and pay from the comfort of your home. 

You also have the option of pulling into your spot and paying for it there with your smartphone. 

“This is a great opportunity for small businesses or any business that is sitting on empty parking when they are closed,” said Wendler. “If you are open from 9-5 and are closed on weekends, your parking is empty most of the time. We can monetize that for you and create a new revenue stream for you and your business with no out of pocket expenses.”

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For more information about PARKLINQ, click here.

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