April 24, 2024


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Here are 3 ways to get Pixel 6’s ‘Magic Eraser’ feature without buying a new phone

Google’s new Pixel 6 smartphone launches Friday, but you can get one of its best features without buying a new phone.

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Reviewers are having a blast with a feature called “Magic Eraser,” which identifies people and objects in your photos that you can then delete with a tap. Google is relying on its powerful AI to make the feature fast and easy. It will even suggest items to get rid of in your photos.

The software is baked into a special version of Google Photos that’s only available on the newest Pixels, at least for now.

Still, there are some other ways to get a similar feature.

Object Eraser on Samsung

If you have a recent model Samsung smartphone, you can use a feature called Object Eraser. Open Gallery, then select a photo and hit the pencil icon to edit it. Next, tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and tap Labs.

From here, turn on Object eraser. Now, just look for the little eraser icon in your edit tools and have fun!

Touch Retouch App

On iOS and Android, you can download the amazing Touch Retouch App. The $2 app is super simple. Just choose a photo, tap the “Object Removal” option, and draw over what you’d like removed. Hit the “go” button and watch it disappear.

Cleanup.pictures website

Finally, check out the website Cleanup.pictures. This is a free tool that will remove an “object, people, text or defects” from your pictures. Just drag and drop a photo into the site and use the brush to “paint” over the area you’d like removed.

The site works it’s magic instantly and you can download your newly edited photo.

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