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Hitman Game of the Year Edition Removed From GOG Due To DRM Requirements

GOG has removed Hitman – Game of The Year edition after the title received backlash for breaking DRM-free rules on its digital storefront.

Following its controversial release on GOG.com last month, Hitman – Game of The Year Edition has been removed from the DRM-free store. GOG made the decision after the title’s release sparked online DRM backlash, with players review bombing the title after discovering that substantial parts of the stealth-sandbox game were locked behind a network. Diehard GOG users claimed this was a betrayal to both of the platform’s anti-DRM stance, and the claim that the game was DRM-free.

Created by CD Projekt, GOG is a popular game distribution platform that gives consumers the ability to install games anywhere and as many times as they want. GOG is recognized for selling older PC games, but newer titles and films are also available on the digital storefront. The platform is also known for its competitive Steam-like client called GOG Galaxy 2.0, which allows users to access all of their gaming subscriptions and libraries in one place. It is also famous for its strong stance against any form of Digital Rights Management.

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In a post on the GOG forums (via Kotaku), Community Manager Gabriela Siemienkowicz announced the removal of Hitman – Game of The Year edition from the platform along with a follow-up on the situation. The update apologizes for the situation and remarks that the backlash was warranted. Upon further investigation, the title was removed from the GOG catalog due to not being DRM-free suitable. The update also mentions that the storefront is continuing to communicate with IO Interactive on how to proceed further, possibly hinting that the title could return in the future. GOG thanked users for feedback over the game’s release and received a generally positive community response, although some users still showed anger that GOG originally accused them of review bombing the game, even though the storefront had initially claimed that the title was DRM-free and required no activation or online connection to play.


Conceived as a re-imagining of the series and released in 2016, Hitman was the first title in the World of Assassination trilogy within the Hitman franchise. Upon release, the title received critical acclaim for its level design, game mechanics, and return to its original formula with “sandbox murder playgrounds,” which increased replayability. Two more installments came after, with Hitman 3 becoming a commercial success and the highest-rated game in the trilogy, only two days after its release. Even though that was the last game in the trilogy, the series continues to receive content, with Hitman 3‘s post-launch content being available for use in any of the installments.

Hitman – Game of The Year Edition is officially gone from the GOG store and it is unlikely it will return in the future, as the title’s core system of unlockables and progression is tied to a network. That being said, it might not be impossible for the game make a comeback in the future, with IO Interactive possibly making an exclusive version for GOG. The storefront has received exclusive content before; in September, six classic Star Trek games were added to the website. Until such a compromise is reached for Hitman, however, players can pick up the title on Steam or the Epic Game store instead.

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Hitman – Game of The Year edition is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and the Epic Game Store.

Source: GOG, Kotaku

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