February 25, 2024


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How London Is Becoming Sustainable Through Green Jobs 

Green City: London, United Kingdom | Green City Times

Green energy is the way forward – and each city is taking the steps to become more sustainable and cultivate a net-zero lifestyle. However, knowing where to start can be one of the most difficult parts of making the world more sustainable. Despite all of this, one of the cities which is doing the best job when it comes to improving sustainability has to be London. London is revolutionising the way that the world looks at sustainable cities. Here are 4 ways that London is paving the way for eco living. 

Investing in Green Jobs In Every Industry 

One of the best ways in which London is becoming sustainable through green jobs is the fact that almost every industry that operates in the capital is making the investment. Transport, construction, agriculture, tourism – everyone in London is thinking about the possibility of green jobs and investing in people who can make the industry green. Through green skills training, qualifications and upskilling already existing staff London has created thousands of green jobs and counting. When a city starts the initial investment into green jobs, this can definitely pay off and feed back into the economy – a green economy. 

Starting With The Ground Up

When beginning the task to make a city more sustainable, it’s essential to start at the ground up. In a city as expansive as London, it wouldn’t make sense to start with the details – making the very infrastructure of London green has to be done first. This is difficult when it’s a city as historic and expansive as London – however, most construction work currently being done in the city has these green and net-zero goals at the forefront of the project. Workers now have the appropriate construction NVQs to be able to build green homes. Starting with the ground up is the best thing to do if you want to make a city sustainable like London. 

Educating London

If the city’s people do not know why sustainability is essential, making the city green can be virtually impossible. Everyone has a role to play when it comes to making the space you live in sustainable. However, London’s government and local authorities have done a fantastic job when it comes to spreading awareness about recycling, sensible energy use, the importance of public transport and much more. London has a population which cares about the planet, making the feat of making the city sustainable much easier. 

Preserving London’s Iconic Skyline 

As well as investing in the ‘ground-up’ infrastructure, construction workers have been working hard to ensure that London’s iconic skyline can be made green without destroying the existing architecture. Retrofitting involves going back into an old building and adding things such as heat pumps, discreet solar panels, and insulation that will make the home more energy-efficient. London’s construction industry has been investing in retrofit qualifications and retrofit awareness to help make this happen – allowing London to become sustainable without damaging it’s stunning iconic landmarks. 

London has made the investment to make their home sustainable for years to come – is it time that every other city does too?