December 5, 2023


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How Safe Are Your Smart Home Security Devices?

We thought technology reached its peak when we were blessed with remote controlled devices. It was fascinating to see a single remote controlling TV, without letting us move an inch. But to our surprise, technology advancements were endless, and still remain so as on a single touch of a button, we control our home’s heating, doors, entertainment units and our kitchen appliances. 

We have started getting a greater and better control on our homes and how we do things with these advanced devices. We can now connect all appliances and units in our homes to one single internet connection. Increasing availability and affordability of high-speed internet has made it easier for everyone to install smart security devices in their homes. 

But how good of a news is that? By exposing our home systems to an intangible internet network, are we sure we are being the wisest about our safety and privacy? 

Are Smart Homes Really That Safe?

Considering the advancements in IoT devices these days, manufacturers and brands are becoming highly competitive. They are rushing themselves and trying to catch up with the pace of new and innovative devices making into the market. As a result, there are high chances that these IoT devices that we so easily trust with our information have not gone through serious security considerations. And one cannot deny the endless “hacking” and cybercrime stories we hear about all day. Even platforms like Netflix are now making documentary-film, series and shows based on the insecurity internet devices bring with them. 

Another key point to remember here is that we control our smart home system, and other IoT devices with our smartphones. This puts our private data, such as location and credit card information at high stakes. To make sure that your home security system is not vulnerable to hackers and potential data losses, address important security issues and follow the below mentioned tips. 

Tips for Making Your Smart Home Security Devices Safer

Changing and updating passwords of your IoT devices

Most of your internet devices such as modems and routers come with default passwords and usernames set by manufacturers. These default credentials are weak and not secure enough. So, it is recommended to set up unique passwords and usernames for your internet devices that no one can guess easily. Moreover, we recommend you make a guest network that  will let your friends, family and people who don’t live in your home access your internet service, without knowing the credentials of your main home network. This will reduce the chances of your credentials being leaked. 

Stay up dated

Companies are striving to make their IoT devices a lot more safer than before. Rising concerns about the issue also push them to come up with better firmware. Hence, these companies keep throwing new updates at their customers. Make sure your devices are always updated and well-managed. As a result, you will not be vulnerable with older, less secure versions of the system. 

Two-step authentication 

We hear about two-step authentication a lot these days. So, what really is it?

It is also referred to as “two-factor”, which basically means that any device verifies a log in activity by verifying through 2 factors: one the device’s password, which is always mandatory and any other factor such as codes sent on your mobile number, thumb print/finger scan, face identity and/or a secret questions. This allows only you, or someone else you trust to be the only ones who get access to the network. It helps keep hackers and outsiders at bay. 

Not only on IoT devices, but even social media, credit card online payments and other such data-sensitive activities now hugely rely on two-factor authentication. 

Watch out for public networks 

If you are away from home and need to access your home’s systems, please avoid connecting your smartphone to public wi-fi network. It is better to either have your own mobile data, and only use that to access the IoT devices or any other smart utilities of your home. There are several affordable internet packages that you can use on your mobile phone even when away from home. 

However, if you do not have mobile internet for any reason and really have to access your smart home system through public wi-fi, use a VPN. This helps prevent any track records of your activity and your data. 

Smart Home Security – keep up with the trends

A lot of us still do not have our homes equipped with smart home security. This is probably due to lack of understanding about the technical stuff. If you want to catch up with the smart home trends, then here is a list of things you might want to start at:

DIY Home Security Setups

A huge number of home security devices can be set up in no time by homeowners themselves. These devices are just as well-equipped with efficient features like motion sensors. The most important advantage of these devices is that they are contract-free. Good examples of DIY home security devices include ADT, SimpliSafe and Abode iota All-in-one security kit. These devices have features like face recognition door lock, third-party gadget integrations, built-in sirens and contact sensors. 

Get a Faster Wi-Fi

The foundation of a reliable and safe smart home security system is a reliable internet connection. If you have a poor quality internet network, with slow speeds and lots of lagging, then your devices might not function as you expect them to. For this reason, it is vital you to have a good home internet plan. Affordable AT&T home internet services can be a good option if you want to save on those extra bucks. 

Welcome the Robots 

Advancing AI has already brought robot vacuum cleaners in our homes. It won’t be long before technical advancement and highly sophisticated AI also enables these robots to do a wider range of tasks for us. Robots used in homes are often referred to as domestic robots and they will become more common, independent and smart in the coming years. Some existing domestic robots can not only clean our homes and make coffee for us every morning, but can also do surveillance work while we are away. 


Yes, all smart home devices seem very interesting and worthy of our money at first, but we should not be oblivious to the security threat and privacy issues they bring along. You can cope up with these issues, it you give enough attention to small details such as two factor authentication and better management of IoT devices. 

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