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How to Unlock Gadgets in Psychonauts 2

Gadgets are helpful for helping Raz complete his missions in Psychonauts 2. Unlocking every gadget is fairly easy, but is well worth the effort.

Players can unlock Gadgets to help players explore the world in Psychonauts 2. The original Psychonauts has been regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time. The second game picks up after the first one ends. As Raz, the rambunctious main protagonist, travels through the minds of several characters he will unlock new gadgets to help him explore these areas in unique ways. Fortunately, unlocking them all won’t take too much trouble.

While the gadgets themselves aren’t plentiful (there are only 2 gadgets to unlock in the game), they do allow Raz to complete his mission. The first of these gadgets is the Thought Tuner, which allows Raz to go to new areas that players aren’t normally able to on their first encounter. The second is the Otto Shot, which functions as Psychonauts 2 version of the Photo Mode. Almost every major AAA title in the last few years have had their own version of a Photo Mode. In this case, players will need to unlock it before they can capture their favorite moments with Raz and friends.

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Both the Thought Tuner and the Otto Shot are essential for making the most out of Psychonauts 2. This is especially important for those looking to 100% the game. Players will be able to unlock them both fairly early into the story.

Reaching The Quarry in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Title Art

Once the player reaches the Quarry, they will be able to head over to Otto’s lab after leaving the Motherlobe. It’s a massive building across the lake that players can take a boat to get to. Upon entering Otto’s lab, players can head over to the scientist and speak with him. Players will have different conversation choices to choose from, but should aim for the one leaning towards borrowing a gadget. 

Selecting the borrow options will give access to both the Otto Shot and the Thought Tuner immediately. Although, players looking to unlock all of the different filters for the Otto Shot will need to work a little harder to obtain them. Players can use in-game currency to purchase filters from the OttoMactic machine for 75 Psitanium, and easily alternate between the filters once purchased. There are additional upgrades that can be purchased for the Otto Shot.

Once all the gadgets are accessible, gamers can go back through any memory with all the exploration tools they need at their disposal. While the game itself runs better on Xbox Series X than PS5, it’s still a high-quality experience on any system.

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Psychonauts 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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