September 30, 2023


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Hunter Biden’s Laptop and All the News That’s Fit to Spike – The American Spectator

The New York Times admits today something obviously true and verified before the election: The Hunter Biden laptop was legit and the data and emails therein were therefore true. This obvious truth had to be destroyed because if it got out — as in on the news networks and in places like the New York Times, Biden’s campaign likely would have been over. That had to be prevented at all costs because Trump, the designated villain, must lose.

Here is the media rule: Whatever is bad about the person I hate (in this case, Trump) must be true. Whatever is bad about the person I love (Biden) must be false until “properly vetted.” Remember the New Yorker whitewash of Hunter Biden? The Federalist’s Tristan Justice has an excellent reminder piece. Go read the whole piece, but remember this:

The New Yorker also addressed Hunter Biden’s role on the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, playing down the apparent conflict of interest presented with Joe Biden playing a “central role” in dictating U.S. policy towards Ukraine.

“Jen Psaki, a State Department spokesperson, said that the State Department was not concerned about perceived conflicts of interest, because Hunter was a ‘private citizen,’ ” the paper wrote, including additional testimony from administration officials that Hunter Biden’s position was of little concern. “Hunter told Burisma’s management and other board members that he would not be involved in any matters that were connected to the U.S. government or to his father.”

For the next 15 months, Joe Biden would repeatedly deny that he spoke about business with his son as more revelations surrounding the questionable arrangement would surface over the course of the campaign.

There’s Jen Psaki again. Did she know she was lying?

Joe Biden lied. And he did so knowingly.

It’s interesting timing for the article. The CIA “former officials” who called the New York Post’s reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop story possible Russian disinformation based on historical actions now decides that the story may come out. Why?

The tech bros deleted the New York Post story across platforms and even deleted the social media accounts of people who posted the information as true. Will those who lied about the story and actively tried to censor it be deplatformed? The answer to this question is obvious. The censorship goes one direction.

News consumers are supposed to trust these censorious, politically motivated propaganda merchants in all sorts of ways. Currently, they’re deciding what people see about the Russia–Ukraine war.

Glenn Greenwald demonstrates the scope of the successful Hunter Biden disinformation action:

These “former intel officials” did not actually say that the “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo.” Indeed, they stressed in their letter the opposite: namely, that they had no evidence to suggest the emails were falsified or that Russia had anything to do them, but, instead, they had merely intuited this “suspicion” based on their experience:

We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement — just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.

But a media that was overwhelmingly desperate to ensure Trump’s defeat had no time for facts or annoying details such as what these former officials actually said or whether it was in fact true. They had an election to manipulate. As a result, that these emails were “Russian disinformation” — meaning that they were fake and that Russia manufactured them — became an article of faith among the U.S.’s justifiably despised class of media employees.

Very few even included the crucial caveat that the intelligence officials themselves stressed: namely, that they had no evidence at all to corroborate this claim. Instead, as I noted last September, “virtually every media outlet — CNN, NBC News, PBS, Huffington PostThe Intercept, and too many others to count — began completely ignoring the substance of the reporting and instead spread the lie over and over that these documents were the by-product of Russian disinformation.”

In the coming days, reexamining the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop is critical. The emails point to a corrupted Joe Biden, compromised by China, and, yes, Ukraine.

The bigger issue is that the mainstream media, social tech giants, and politicos on the left and right colluded to spike a legitimate story because they sought a specific political outcome. Remember that as they serve up convenient narratives about the economy, about war, about anything.

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