April 22, 2024


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impact.com Aims to Boost Google Merchants Users

The partnership management platform impact.com has announced a new integration with Google Pay, designed to give customers access to updated premium offers. 

“With at least four out of 10 U.S. smartphone users choosing contactless payment for purchases, payment apps are key to the consumer shopping experience,” the companies said in a news release Tuesday (Dec. 7). “Google Pay provides its users a safe, simple and helpful way to pay and manage their finances, including saving money with offers found within the app.” 

The integration will allow eligible merchants working with impact.com to make exclusive, premium offers within the Google Pay app. These offers can include deals, discounts, rewards or in-store promotions. 

David A. Yovanno, CEO of impact.com, said the integration is happening at the end of a year that has significant growth in eCommerce and technological partnerships. 

“It’s clear consumers are seeking improved experience — from better connections with the brands they choose, to cost savings and added convenience,” he said.  

“Companies that actually prioritize the customer experience are seeing success where others are not. impact.com’s partnership management platform is purpose-built with the consumer experience in mind.” 

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Consumers are also changing the way they shop, as PYMNTS Connected Economy research has found. Ninety-two percent of consumers say they’ve placed an online order for a product or service at least once recently. Ten percent say they do this multiple times a day. 

Another 84% of shoppers have checked online for sales or discounts, while 77% say they’ve contacted an online merchant in the past year. And even with stores reopened with little to no COVID-19 restrictions, 87% of consumers plan to some of their shopping online, 10% higher than during the height of the pandemic. 

With many companies in the midst of a holiday shopping season haunted by supply chain disruptions, impact.com says offers from Google Pay can help marketers reach a wider audience, with customized promotions that are right for them. 

“impact.com’s technology is designed for scale, which means that millions of consumers will receive a unique choice of offers from brands they know, and from some that are completely new,” said co-founder Lisa Riolo. “It’s also a big win for marketers to showcase their products and gain greater insight on what consumers want as they shop.” 



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