April 14, 2024


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Is mechanicalkeyboards.com a safe and legit site?

When shopping for the right accessories for your PC setup, there are so many websites you can visit. While ordering from Amazon or a manufacturer directly is always a safe way to go, certain deals and products can only be found on alternative sites such as mechanicalkeyboards.com. Mechanicalkeyboards.com seems like a great place for PC gamers, but is it a safe and legit site to order from?

Good news! Mechanical Keyboards has been a reliable website for users to purchase specialist keyboards and accessories, including wrist rests, keycap pullers, individual switches, keycaps and more. The site sells to non-US residents as well, although shipping times and freight fees are naturally much higher.

Alongside their own branded line of keyboards, Mechanical Keyboards also has a huge range of offerings from dedicated brands like Ducky, Leopold, Varmilo, Cherry, Filco, Razer, Meko, Vortex, Kaihua, Glorious PC Gaming Race, KBDFans, Keychron, Odin Gaming, and lots more. The site has also branched out into a range of headphones, headsets and gaming mice.

A range of featured keyboards available on the site at the time of writing. Image: Dot Esports / Mechanicalkeyboards.com

Along with a growing community of keyboard enthusiasts on its popular Discord channel, the site also helps users learn the ins and outs of their new keyboards with helpful switch and keyboard guides, a glossary for commonly used terms, and a FAQ. The keyboard guide especially can help fit shoppers with the perfect keyboard that fits their preferences, focusing on size, feel, and budget.
Mechanicalkeyboards.com will also ship any item in stock by noon CST or “next business day”, with same-day shipping available for a premium.

If you come across any issues when ordering, Mechanical Keyboards also has a reliable customer support page, along with links to their social media pages on the site.

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