April 13, 2024


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Jason’s Death Brings Jeff Webber Back To PC

General Hospital viewers who have been keeping up with the soap know that Jeff Webber is trying to reach out to Liz. Now, spoilers suggest that when he comes to know about Jason’s demise, he might decide that he needs to be there for Jake Webber and Elizabeth.

Not just that, he might then show up at Port Charles. Jack did lose his father, but he might gain a grandpa in the upcoming days. What will all happen? Here is everything to know.

General Hospital: Jake Is Distraught

General Hospital spoilers point out that poor little Jake has been through a lot. Long-time GH viewers would recall that Jake used to believe that Drew was his father. But, later on, when Jason came back to Port Charles alive, Jake had to accept that his father wasn’t dead, and that meant that Drew wasn’t Jason.

While it was difficult for him, he eventually accepted it. Over time, Jason and Jake even built a good relationship. More recently, Jason was accused of killing Franco Baldwin. But Jake was so sure of Jason’s innocence that he was pretty quick to stand up for him. 

While GH hasn’t really shown a lot of father-son-bonding episodes regarding Jason, they have established that the two of them were close. So, now when Jake comes to know that he has lost his father yet again, he might find it difficult to accept. He will be happy that uncle Drew came back, but it will be devastating for him to know that Jason is gone.

This will be even more devastating because Jake is just recovering from the fact that Franco is gone. So, all of this will become really hard for the young man.

Jeff Webber Decides To Step Up

Celebdirtylaundry.com points out that Jeff might come to know about all of this and realize that Jake needs a man’s guidance in his life. Elizabeth is a fantastic mom, but she can’t fill Jake’s father’s shoes. So, Jeff might decide that he needs to come back and stand by Liz and Jake regardless of how Liz feels about it.

Seems like he might return and make amends that are needed. So, it will be fun to see how everything rolls out. General Hospital is bringing some very interesting storylines. Don’t miss the action. In the meantime, Tvseasonspoilers.com will keep passing on all the updates about the soap as it surfaces. 

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