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Johns Hopkins Supplemental Essays – 10 Writing Tips with Free Topics and Examples

Aspiring students have to craft Johns Hopkins supplemental essays in order to get accepted at the university. The university asks the students to reflect on some aspects of their personality and provides them with prompts to respond to in their papers. 

To write that 300-word essay, students have to be quite concise in their expression. It also needs mastery over the skill of crafting papers in an interactive manner so that the admissions committee stays hooked on your work. In case you are feeling demotivated while reading the tough requirements of such a paper, you can easily buy essay online from professional service providers whenever you need them.

In this article, we are going to break down how to research for and craft your Johns Hopkins supplemental essays in the best way. Let’s start with a basic evaluation first. 

Does Johns Hopkins Have Supplemental Essays?

As per College Vine, Johns Hopkins University has just 1 supplemental essay which must be responded to by all applicants. As it is one of the most competitive schools in the country, especially for students who are inspired to pursue medicine, one has to work on their supplemental essay with keen dedication in order to succeed. 

How to Write a Johns Hopkins Supplemental Essay?

We have mapped out the top tips for writing a successful Johns Hopkins essay supplement to increase your chances of acceptance. Let’s dive deep into the details now. 

1. Answer the Prompt

Since you have already been provided with an essay prompt, you should focus on responding to its elements instead of adding irrelevant information to your work. When working on Johns Hopkins supplemental essays, you must make sure that you understand what is being asked of you and then proceed to craft a thoughtful response for your work. 

Some students make the mistake of not paying enough attention to the essay prompt and it ends up in them being rejected by the admission officer due to the obvious blunder. 

2. Make an Outline

Before you start crafting the Johns Hopkins supplemental essays, you must make a detailed and comprehensive outline that maps out the major areas of your essay. Making an outline gives you a clear idea of the structure of your work and helps you combine your ideas clearly. 

Also, you can give your essay a clear direction if you have outlined its contents well enough. That is why you must draft a helpful outline before starting the writing process. 

3. Avoid the Repetition

Repetition kills the spirit of excellently written Johns Hopkins supplemental essays, which is why you must avoid repeating your points in the papers you craft. Take this essay as a chance to provide information about yourself to the admission officers and show them why you are a good fit for the school. Keep in mind that prospective students do not make the mistake of repeating something that they have already covered in the main essay. 

4. Strategise the Essay Order

Before writing the Johns Hopkins supplemental essays, you should research your topic in detail so that you know what you have to add to your papers. It also lets you concentrate on your topic and find the best material to be included in your work. 

Ideally, you should start writing when it is early and not delay the writing process till the end. When you start writing, you must have a clear strategy that helps you craft your papers in the best way. 

5. Just Start Writing

Merely staring at a blank page is not going to get you anywhere, so quit that and start crafting the first draft of your Johns Hopkins supplemental essays. It is important to know that the first draft is not the final draft, and it does not need to be perfect. 

Allow yourself to let your thoughts out without worrying too much about their rawness or the word count of the document. Just rest assured that you will have plenty of time to refine the quality of your essay later; for now, you have to focus on crafting the first draft! 

6. A Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis statement for your Johns Hopkins supplemental essays must be assertive, clear and concise. Make sure that it outlines the main arguments and points of your work and provides a detailed roadmap to your readers. Your thesis statement should also have the potential to keep the readers hooked on it. 

If possible, try adding some hook (a quote, an interesting fact, or any proverb) about your work so that it might grab the attention of readers at first glance. If you are not good at it, you can seek reliable essay writing help online from dependable companies. 

7. Maintain Your Voice

It is a great idea for the applicants to stick to their narrative or story when crafting Johns Hopkins supplemental essays. Remember that the admission officers are interested in knowing a genuine story in response to the prompt provided by the university. 

It would be best if you could relate to the questions that you have been asked and write an interesting response to them. The admission committee always prefers an essay crafted by a young writer to one generated by AI or written by a machine. 

8. Use Evidence and Examples

Since the Johns Hopkins supplemental essays are all about you, feel confident in using real-life examples and incidents to support what you are saying in your work. Needless to say, it adds a personal touch to your story, and the chances of admission officers liking your essay go higher. This essay is personal, so feel free to make it about you and be as interesting as you can. It will help the readers analyse that you are a good fit for the university. 

9. Edit and Proofread Your Work

Editing and proofreading your work is a must before you press send it to the university. When crafting the Johns Hopkins supplemental essays, students are prone to making countless mistakes, which can only be noticed if they proofread the papers thoroughly. If you do not want to do so, reach out to your friends, family or peers to provide you with honest and constructive feedback on your work. 

10. Submit on Time

Although it is a no-brainer, you must submit your Johns Hopkins supplemental essays on time if you want to be successful and get accepted at the university. That is to say that it is completely okay to take your time to brainstorm your work and refine the quality of your essay drafts, but you should not miss the deadline for submission during the process. Ensure that you submit your essay to the university on time and wait for the best. 

Johns Hopkins Supplemental Essays Free Examples

On the official website of the Johns Hopkins University, you can find the examples of successful supplemental essays. Some of those essays are linked below: 

  1. Ordering the Disorderly by Ellie
  2. Pack Light, But Be Prepared by Pablo
  3. Tikkun Olam by Julieta 

Johns Hopkins Supplemental Essays Free Topics

Some free essay topics that you can use for crafting your Johns Hopkins supplemental essays are the following: 

  • A discussion of different aspects of your personality
  • A life experience that shaped you as an individual
  • Why Johns Hopkins? Discuss in detail. 
  • An interesting life incident from your childhood/teenage that impacted you so much


When crafting your Johns Hopkins supplemental essays, follow the guidelines and writing tips that we have mentioned in this article. If you do so, you will be able to craft an academic paper that makes you stand out from the rest of the competitors and let the admissions committee see your potential. Ensure to brainstorm your topic well enough before you start writing, and always edit and proofread your papers before the final submission. 

If you are not sure how you can get to this level of specificity, you should turn to professional essay writing services to help you craft your document. Such service providers have a penchant for producing academic documents that align with the goals you specify for yourself and can help you land at your favourite university.