October 1, 2023


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Judge Jeanine demands ‘transparency and answers’ from White House on Hunter Biden scandal

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Judge Jeanine explained on “The Ingraham Angle” Monday how the mainstream media claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop scandals were Russian disinformation but now admit to the truth.

JUDGE JEANINE: Now the New York Times is admitting what we knew to be true all along, that the Hunter Biden laptop story is real and not Russian disinformation. It’s time for some answers to serious questions raised by Hunter’s seedy ties. And these aren’t questions about the political consequences for Joe Biden. They represent massive national security concerns. So, of course, the White House is trying to sweep it all under the rug. 

We need transparency and answers from this administration on why an oligarch who handed Hunter millions of dollars is apparently not being sanctioned. Because right now, the message this sends is that doing business with Hunter gets you a free pass from Old Joe. Now, if Trump’s kids were taking cash from Russian oligarchs, it would lead on newscasts like CNN, MSNBC and the other networks every single night. But because it’s Biden’s son who’s doing the influence peddling, the media is trying to distract you with phony Russia fear.

I trust Stelter and CNN to police misinformation about as much as I trust a fox to watch a hen house because the ultimate purveyors of dis and misinformation are the media. Stelter himself was among those who eagerly sought to falsify, to falsely slime the Hunter Biden story as fake news back in 2020. 

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