April 13, 2024


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KOTOR Switch, PC Limited Edition Includes Mini Darth Revan Lightsabers

Limited Edition Games has just announced a line of Star Wars: KOTOR special editions, featuring a wide assortment of collectible extras.

Lucasfilm is partnering up with Limited Run Games for a line of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic special edition physical releases for PC and Nintendo Switch, with a large assortment of fun collectible extras. Originally released in 2003, BioWare’s take on the legendary Galaxy Far, Far Away received critical acclaim for taking fans beyond the Star Wars movies and introducing now-iconic characters like Bastila Shan and Darth Revan. KOTOR is still regarded as one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made even after nearly two decades, and paved the way for BioWare’s later success with original RPG franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.


Earlier this month, longtime Star Wars port developer Aspyr released Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic for the Nintendo Switch, just as it did on Android and iOS mobile devices a few years prior. While fans have had their issues with the Nintendo Switch port of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, namely a lack of technical options in comparison to the PC version that is available on Steam, as well as larger-than-normal text boxes during KOTOR combat, but so far Asypr’s latest KOTOR port has managed to avoid the issues that plagued the Switch version of Star Wars: Republic Command that launched back in April.

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Collectible gaming company Limited Run Games has announced a line of special-edition versions of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic for both the Nintendo Switch and PC. According to Limited Run Games’ official Twitter account, these limited collectible editions will come in three variations: a Standard physical copy of KOTOR for the Switch, and Premium and Master Editions that will be available for both platforms. Included in these two special editions are a plethora of collectible bonus items, such as a replica Pazaak card deck, a metal Ebon Hawk pin, and two miniature Darth Revan lightsaber hilts.

See the post on Twitter here.

Fans of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic will have much to look forward to in the coming years, as Asypr recently announced a full current-gen remake of KOTOR during September’s blockbuster PlayStation Showcase livestream. Not much is currently known about the upcoming project, though it will initially launch as a timed PS5 exclusive, and original KOTOR developer BioWare isn’t involved in the development of the game.

As fans wait for more news on the remake, Limited Edition Games’ upcoming special collector’s editions of the original Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic contain plenty of interesting bonus items for hardcore fans, ranging from concept art cards to fun little novelties like a Vibroblade letter opener and a Security Spike USB drive. All three of Limited Run Games’ Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic special edition sets are currently available to pre-order, with KOTOR fans able to get their hands on the games from their November 19 release date.

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