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Life is Strange: True Colors Review Roundup

The reviews are in for Life is Strange: True Colors and critics are hailing it as one of the best entries in the series thanks to its new powers.

The reviews are in for Life is Strange: True Colors and it seems to be a slam dunk for the series, with some critics calling it the best in the series. Life is Strange: True Colors continues the supernatural anthology series with a new protagonist and special powers. Instead of having the ability to manipulate time or other traditional super powers, protagonist Alex Chen’s powers largely focus on people’s feelings and empathy.

Unlike the previous games in the series, Life is Strange: True Colors won’t be episodic and will instead be released as one core game. The game still features five chapters, so there are natural break points built into the story, but players won’t have to wait months to play the complete story. It seems this may have worked in the game’s favor as well as Life is Strange: True Colors appears to be a hit with critics, with some noting its pacing as one of its many strengths.

Life is Strange: True Colors currently holds an 82 on Metacritic at the time of writing, which is a pretty impressive score. Comparatively, the first Life is Strange holds an 85 and its sequel has a 78. Although not everyone will have the chance to play the game at launch since the Nintendo Switch version of True Colors is delayed, critics are making it sound like it’s worth the wait. The initial batch of reviews cites the unique powers, compelling characters, and well-rounded story as key elements that help the game shine. With that said, here’s what critics are saying about the game:

life is strange true colors alex chen

Taylor Lyles – 9/10 – IGN

“Life is Strange: True Colors is a fantastic game that offers a great story with solid pacing, and unlike previous games in the series it left me with the feeling that every choice I made mattered.”

Lisa Marie Segarra – No Score – Kotaku

“True Colors shines in all the right ways for a Life Is Strange game. It provides a litany of characters that invite you to get to know them, a gripping story, and a unique protagonist with her own gameplay-defining powers, a signature of the franchise.”

Rachel Watts – 86/100 – PC Gamer

“Visually gorgeous and emotionally raw, True Colors is an incredible continuation of the Life is Strange series.”

Brittni Finley – 4.5/5 – Game Rant

“Life is Strange: True Colors builds on what the first installment did well, and does it even better. No game in the series so far has reached this height of catharsis, and by the end of it, players will be heartbroken to leave the imperfectly perfect town of Haven Springs.”

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It seems like developer Deck Nine has done a great job of capture the best elements of the Life is Strange series while evolving it at the same time. By adding new powers in Life is Strange: True Colors, Deck Nine has been able to pull back the layers on all of its characters in a really unique way. It’s unclear whether or not Deck Nine will continue to develop future entries in the series while series creator Dontnod Entertainment explores other creative ventures.

It certainly sounds like the developer is probably best suited for the franchise as some critics noted Deck Nine has done a better job with the series than Dontnod has. As of right now, there’s simply no telling what the future holds in store for the series beyond a remaster of the first game, but Life is Strange: True Colors will seemingly leave people wanting more based on these initial reviews.

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Life is Strange: True Colors releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC on September 10, 2021. A Nintendo Switch version is also expected to release in 2021.

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