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Massive Leak Reveals World’s First Phone With A 200MP Camera

Smartphones with 108MP cameras are so 2021. A new leak offers a first look at the Motorola Frontier 22 — a device with a jaw-dropping 200MP camera.

A new leak just revealed a ton of information about the Motorola ‘Frontier 22’ — a smartphone tipped as being the world’s first handset with a 200MP camera. Over the last few years, Motorola’s exclusively associated itself with budget and low-end smartphones. The company’s toyed with foldables and value flagships with the Razr and Edge lineups, respectively, but the low-end is clearly where Motorola sees the most success.

In 2022, however, that strategy could see a pretty dramatic shift. Last November, reliable leaker Ice Universe claimed Motorola would be the first company to launch a phone with a 200MP camera. The news came as something of a shock, and since then, there haven’t been any major updates. That is, until now.


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On January 25, WinFuture published an extensive leak detailing the Motorola Frontier 22 — showing its design and a few key specs. The biggest takeaway is the Frontier 22’s camera, which WinFuture says is a 200MP sensor. Joining that massive 200MP camera is a 50MP ultra-wide sensor and a 12MP telephoto one. The front-facing camera is also reported as being a 60MP sensor, meaning selfies on the Frontier 22 should look extra crispy.

More Details On The Motorola ‘Frontier 22’ Smartphone

Motorola Frontier 22 render leak

The rest of the reported specs for the Motorola Frontier 22 are typical of a 2022 flagship. WinFuture says there’s a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 4500 mAh battery, and impressive 125W wired charging. There’s also a 6.67-inch OLED display which touts a Full HD+ resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. The design is also pretty inoffensive, albeit at the expense of coming off a tad boring. We’re looking at a phone with curved display edges, what appears to be a smooth metal or glass backside, and a large camera housing in the top-left corner.

While the Frontier 22 sounds like a solid overall package, the big draw is obviously that 200MP camera. As it stands right now, 108MP is the biggest megapixel count manufacturers can cram into smartphones. One of the most recent handsets with a 108MP sensor is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It doesn’t take 108MP photos by default, but rather uses all of that data and compresses it into 12MP images — resulting in an impressive mix of rich detail, colors, and low-light performance. It’s likely a 200MP sensor would work the same basic way, but with nearly double the resolution data. For novice and professional photographers alike, that’s pretty exciting.

WinFuture doesn’t comment on a release date or pricing for the Motorola Frontier 22, but it’s safe to assume it’ll release at some point in Q1 or Q2. Ice Universe previously claimed Motorola would be the first to market with a 200MP device, followed by Xiaomi in the second half of 2022 and then Samsung in 2023. Assuming those plans are all still in place, it may just be a few short months before the Motorola Frontier 22 and its 200MP shooter are ready for prime time.

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Source: WinFuture

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