July 12, 2024


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Microsoft Edge Comes to Xbox, Letting You Stream Stadia Games

Xbox September Update

Image: Microsoft

Xbox is about to become a more open platform with Microsoft’s September software update. The console is getting the latest version of Microsoft Edge, which means you can play Stadia games, chat on Discord servers, and access Steam.

The latest version of Edge makes it easier to pull up web pages or search for news or tips, and also unlocks the ability to use the web versions of a number of gaming apps, including Google Stadia—if you don’t like Microsoft’s own Xbox Cloud Gaming service. According to the Verge, it seems that for some reason Nvidia is still blocking access to GeForce Now game streaming on Edge, but so far that appears to be more of an exception and not a common occurrence.

Microsoft is also expanding support for Xbox Cloud Gaming to the PC via the Windows Xbox app for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in 22 countries. Now that PCs work with Xbox Cloud Gaming, anyone with an Android phone, a recent Xbox, or a laptop/desktop has an easy way to play more than 100 different games without needing to worry about how powerful the device is. All you need is a fast internet connection—Microsoft recommends speeds of at least 7Mbps, and 5GHz wifi or 5G cellular connectivity if you have it.

If you’d rather stream games you already own to another device, Microsoft’s Remote Play now lets you serve up games from either an Xbox One or an Xbox Series S/X to a nearby PC. That means if someone in your home is hogging the TV, you still have other options to game. And the best part is is that Remote Play even works over the internet, so you’re not restricted to just your local network.

For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft is adding a new Play Later list, so you can more easily bookmark any interesting titles you see and come back to them later. And if you don’t have any games saved in your Play Later list, Microsoft will recommend some new titles to try.

The September update is available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X consoles.

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