June 24, 2024


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Microsoft Start Rollout Starts Today

The world is all about the ‘newsfeed,’ whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. How many hours do you spend a day online checking your newsfeed, verifying if the news is actually true and checking different sources simultaneously? There are many dedicated apps available that strive to provide you with the news of your choice in one space. It seems that Microsoft will be joining this race too from today with Microsoft Start.

Microsoft Start – New and Improved Newsfeed Provider?

Microsoft Start is a personalized newsfeed that will bring news to you from authentic sources. It will be available in the form of:

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  •  A mobile app on both iOS and Android
  •  A website (on Edge and Chrome)
  •  A widgets experience on Windows 11
  •  A Microsoft Edge new tab page
  •  A News and Interest experience on Windows 10

Microsoft Start is basically a buildup version of both MSN and Microsoft News. This ‘new’ news feature will be providing a more customized user experience. It seems that it will be using some sort of algorithm, and the more you engage with the newsfeed, the more personalized your feed will get overtime.

Similar to how you personalized widgets, you can start by simply clicking on the Personalize button and add topics of interest that you would like to read about. For a relatively quick update, you can use the information cards to update you on things like weather, who won last night’s game, traffic updates, etc. You can use Microsoft Start from your mobile app as well if you are always on the go. The rollout will start today, and hopefully, you will be to try this new feature firsthand.

You can try out the website now using this link or download it as an app on Android or iOS phones.

What do you think of this ‘new’ content provider? Do you think Microsoft needed another news and content provider when we already had widgets in place? Will you be using this feature, or will it be just another news site for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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