April 17, 2024


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Microsoft warns EVERY Windows 10 and 11 user to check their PC right now

WINDOWS PC users have been left open to two security flaws after an attempt to patch them was botched.

Millions of Windows users are being told to stay vigilant because the issues are already being exploited by hackers.

All new versions of Windows are said to be affected


All new versions of Windows are said to be affectedCredit: Alamy

You may find yourself affected if you use Windows 10 or 11 and it doesn’t even matter if you updated your software recently.

Security researcher Abdelhamid Naceri spotted the security flaws, which bypass issues Microsoft was supposed to fix last month.

They’re both referred to as “zero-day” flaws because it is known that hackers are already exploiting them.

The flaws can allow hackers to take over a victim’s computer and spread malware across a network.

They’re called CVE-2021-41379 and CVE-2021-24084 but little else has been revealed about them.

Cyber experts don’t usually reveal too much about an open flaw incase it encourages hackers to exploit it.

Microsoft reportedly told BleepingComputer: “We are aware of the disclosure and will do what is necessary to keep our customers safe and protected.”

The best thing for Windows users to do is stay vigilant and update their PC as soon as a software update becomes available.

Watch out for any suspicious activity on your computer and never click on strange links or download unknown attachments.

Security platform 0patch is said to be working on a stop-gap fix to give Microsoft more time to solve the problem.

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