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Minecraft Bees Become CPU Powerhouses In Impressive PC Build

A Minecraft fan has created an awesome custom PC filled with models of the block-based game’s bees, which were originally added in a 2019 update.

Minecraft fan has created an awesome custom PC filled with the block-based game’s friendly bees. The flying mobs were originally added to the game in a 2019 update named ‘Buzzy Bees’, which was released in conjunction with a World Wildlife Fund charity drive.

Building a custom PC can be an expensive endeavor, but the flexibility it allows is considered by many to more than outweigh this. In addition to the mixing and matching of components, some take it a step further and add decorations like LED lighting. More avid gamers might include more elaborate modifications. To a fan with the know-how, their PC cases can include things like decals, models of characters, and even customized parts made to fit with a given theme. One such PC builder and Resident Evil fan, for example, chose to make an Umbrella Corporation-themed PC that appears to use the notorious T-Virus for coolant.


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Now that same PC builder has debuted a new creation. Reddit user 1YardLoss has shown off their latest creation, a Minecraft PC featuring a honeycomb case and a veritable hive of blocky bees filling the insides. 1YardLoss is a prolific creator of personalized computers and builds and sells them under the name of OdderTech. On Reddit, 1YardLoss explained to interested fans that the majority of the parts used to create the PC’s interior “are 3D printed or resin made by me,” although it should be noted that they were made using third-party designs. The finished effect is striking, giving the distinct impression of a busy Minecraft beehive or honey farm. It even includes a jar of honey, rendered as the item’s in-game sprite, and a great deal of warm amber lighting to reinforce the impression of honey oozing everywhere.

Minecraft Beehive PC Reddit Build

See the original post on Reddit here.

Looking back through 1YardLoss’s previous work, it is clear that they are a creative and skilled craftsperson. In addition to the Resident Evil PC, other past builds of theirs have featured scenes like an amazing diorama of the popular anime film Spirited Away, including the character Haku in his impressive dragon form. Another PC that drew a large audience in the past displays a large collection of Pokémon memorabilia, such as trading cards and resin models. These all feature the original Pokémon Red and Blue starters, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, in addition to the ever-popular Pikachu with references to the electric Pokémon’s appearance in the subsequent Pokémon Yellow Version.

Custom computers like the creations of 1YardLoss let gamers show off their favorite titles in a way that not many other crafts can. To incorporate an impressive display of fandom into one’s very computer implies an enormous amount of dedication. And when such a build comes along, it is seldom unimpressive. Fortunately for the electronics, the busy hive inside this computer isn’t real, unlike its visual appeal. This PC seems like the perfect rig for playing Minecraft, and considering that a new snapshot was recently released, its debut comes with excellent timing too.

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Source: 1YardLoss/Reddit

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