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Monster Hunter Rise For PC Won’t Have Crossplay Or Cross-Save

Capcom revealed that the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak DLC will lack cross-save and crossplay with the Switch version of the game.

Capcom has revealed that the upcoming PC version of Monster Hunter Rise won’t have cross-save or crossplay functionality with the Switch version of the game. The Switch version of the game is currently available, while the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise is set to launch in January 2022.

The Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise is a step down in visual quality from Monster Hunter World, even though Capcom did an impressive job with the restrictions of the hardware. The game still managed to do away with the segmented levels from the early Monster Hunter games and managed to keep things running at a near-locked 30 frame rate. The upcoming PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is set to bypass the technical restrictions of the past, allowing the game to run at an uncapped frame rate, with improved character models.

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The original Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise launched on March 26, which means there is a gap between the two ports, as the PC version will be released on January 12, 2022. The fans who were hoping to continue their progress from the Switch version of the game in the PC version will be disappointed to learn this isn’t possible. Capcom recently confirmed in a post on the official Monster Hunter Twitter page that the PC version of the game won’t have cross-save or crossplay functionality with the Switch port. This means PC players cannot use their old Switch saves, nor can they play with Switch players.

Capcom also confirmed that these features won’t be present in the upcoming Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, suggesting they won’t be something implemented in the future. The reason given was due to technical issues, even though there are other games that do so, such as Minecraft Dungeons.

It’s a shame that those who poured numerous hours into the Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise won’t be able to continue their quest on PC, especially as Sunbreak is set to launch on both platforms at the same time. This won’t matter to the PC gamers who have waited patiently to play the game, as they will have to start anew anyway; but the people who want to own the game on both platforms will have to put in double the time. The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will likely be the technical wizard, while the Switch version is probably better for local play – and it’s a shame there won’t be any crossovers between the two.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch, and it will launch on PC on January 12, 2022.

Source: Monster Hunter/Twitter

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