July 18, 2024


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More Samsung Galaxy phones could ship with Exynos chipsets starting in 2022

Samsung’s existing budget and mid-range smartphones have long relied on either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon or MediaTek’s Helio platform for computing power. A new report suggests that could change beginning next year.

According to ET News, Samsung plans to increase the number of Exynos-powered Galaxy phones starting in 2022. The strategy includes the company’s upcoming flagship device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, as well as budget and mid-range handsets.

The news outlet reported that Samsung intends to more than double the volume of shipments for Exynos processors in 2022. The goal is to “raise the proportion” of the chipset in Galaxy devices from 20% to between 50% and 60%.

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It appears that the South Korean tech giant is poised to incorporate its in-house chipset into more Galaxy phones after having reportedly addressed major challenges with upcoming Exynos variants. One of these hurdles is heat problem caused by 5G communication, as per an industry source cited in the report.

Samsung’s System LSI Division has also apparently teamed up with AMD to boost graphics performance, as per the report, corroborating previous rumors. In-yeop Kang, president of the System LSI Division, was quoted as saying that Samsung’s next flagship phone will feature AMD’s next-generation GPU. The device, obviously the Galaxy S22, is expected to make its debut at an event in January, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best Android phones.

In light of the current global chip shortage, it also makes perfect sense for Samsung to make use of the Exynos chipsets. Furthermore, the move opens up new opportunities for Exynos.

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