April 12, 2024


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New Destiny Game Potentially Leaked by Bungie Job Listing

Even though Bungie already has quite a bit of content in the works for its ongoing first-person shooter Destiny 2, it looks as though the studio could be working on another game in the franchise as well at this point in time. Rather than being another entry in the series that would come to consoles and PC, however, this new installment would potentially be available on a platform that Bungie hasn’t explored yet: mobile devices. 

News on this supposed Destiny game for mobile devices comes by way of a recent job listing that was shared by Bungie. This job is specifically for the role of an Art Director, which is a pretty key position involved with the early stages of projects. While this is interesting on its own, the way in which this title seems to be associated with the mobile platform comes from one of the requirements that Bungie has for candidates. “Shipped at least one AAA or large mobile title as an Art Director,” said the requirement in question, seemingly suggesting that this game itself will also be for mobile platforms. 

“Bungie is seeking an Art Director capable of aligning partner studios to the visual direction of the Destiny IP. The Art Director is a key member of project leadership and drives process and communication both internally and with international partners to ensure that the project is on track and at quality,” said a more extensive description of the role on Bungie’s website. “The Art Director will work with both an internal team and external partners to ensure we are making a great Destiny experience for players, optimized for platform and market territories, and upholding the Destiny IP pillars and brand.”

For now, it’s hard to know if a Destiny game for mobile devices could be exactly what Bungie has planned. While that seems quite likely based on the description of this Art Director role, we might not know for certain until years from now if this is something that will ever come about. As such, don’t get too carried away just yet with the idea of a Destiny game for mobile platforms until Bungie has more to say in an official capacity. 

Still, how would you feel about a new Destiny game making its way to mobile devices? Is that something you would look to play, or are you more than content with just continuing to play Destiny 2? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12

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