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New Visa FutureCard is good for your wallet and good for the planet

First card with 5% cashback for climate smart spending

Published: Nov. 2, 2021 at 7:47 AM CDT|Updated: 4 hours ago

SILVER SPRING, Md, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Future, a venture-backed startup in Maryland, today launched the Visa® FutureCard, the first rewards card that offers 5% cashback on green spending.  Future is on a mission to democratize climate smart living, founded on the simple premise that saving money and reducing your carbon footprint go hand in hand.

First card with 5% cashback for climate smart spending
First card with 5% cashback for climate smart spending

Future is on a mission to democratize climate smart living

Future today has members in every state in the U.S. “We have been humbled by the response we’ve received”, said Jean-Louis Warnholz, Future’s CEO and co-founder. “We’ve heard from families and individuals across the nation, who are making choices that are smart for the planet and smart for their wallet.”

Visa has been announced as FutureCard’s partner of choice to help it deliver Futurecard’s service to support consumers’ efforts to make sustainable behavior changes. The waitlist for FutureCard is now live at future.green. A range of limited First Edition cards will be issued later this month.

The choices individuals and families make every day have a tremendous impact on the climate. An estimated 66% of carbon emissions are linked to decisions we make about how we live, eat and move. FutureCard introduces a new category of green rewards for spending with a lower carbon footprint, as well as 1% cashback for everything else.

Climate change impacts everyone, so FutureCard is designed for everyone, no matter the credit score or the size of the paycheck. That’s why it does not require a credit check. FutureCard’s green rewards stack emphasizes everyday green spending, whether that’s charging an electric car, taking the metro, or shopping for low carbon foods or gently used fashion. Please see future.green for additional categories that attract top-tier rewards.

“Consumers increasingly are concerned about climate change and want to take action,” Visa’s Chief Sustainability Officer Douglas Sabo said. “As a company committed to net-zero emissions and to be climate positive, Visa applauds innovative offerings, such as FutureCard, that will support consumers on their journeys to make sustainable behavior changes and reward climate smart choices.”

FutureCard synchs seamlessly with FutureScore. FutureScore helps consumers understand their contribution to climate change, offers the most accurate carbon footprint available and highlights personalized choices to transition to climate smart living.

For more information about Future’s mission, please visit future.green.

About Futr, Inc.

Futr, Inc., doing business as Future, simplifies the transition to a net-zero economy for individuals and families. Future offers a set of financial tools and incentives for climate smart living. Future takes a 360°view of spending and generates individualized options to save money and reduce carbon emissions with their decision-engine. Future has members in every U.S. state and 30 countries globally. For more information, visit future.green.

FutureCard will be powered by Imprint Payments, Inc.

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Make the fight against climate change personal.
Make the fight against climate change personal.

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