January 28, 2023


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Nintendo Switch Update Lets You Organize Games Into Folders



If you’ve gathered dozens of Nintendo Switch games in the five years since launch, you’ll welcome the groups feature.

Scott Stein/CNET

Nintendo Switch added the ability to store games in folders, or “groups,” on Monday, letting you impose some order on your chaotic library five years after the hybrid console launched. The feature was part of system software update 14.0.0.

You can create up to 100 groups, and each can contain up to 200 titles, so you can set up groups for series like Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Star Wars. The same game can be included in multiple groups, so you can add Mario Kart 8 Deluxe into “Mario,” “Racing” and “Super Fun Party Games” groups.

Groups can be created from the All Software screen, which can be found by scrolling all the way to the right on the Home menu. 

Pressing the L Button will let you view your games by group, and you’ll automatically be prompted to create a new group the first time you do this. After that, you can create a new group by pressing the + button and sort your groups by hitting Y.

If your All Software is an absolute mess due to the number of games you’ve amassed, you can press the R button to filter them by most recently played, playtime, title and publisher.

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