April 19, 2024


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No Man’s Sky Gets Full Steam Deck Support In Sentinel Update

No Man’s Sky will soon reach a new frontier on Steam Deck, with Valve’s portable console allowing gamers to bring the sci-fi adventure anywhere.

The recently-released Sentinel update for No Man’s Sky has brought Steam Deck support to the sci-fi survival title. Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky had an infamously rocky launch, but a long series of updates managed to transform the game into an exceptional space exploration experience. February 16’s Sentinel update for No Man’s Sky overhauled the title’s combat system, but it also brought an another unexpected addition.

Combining the power of a gaming PC with the portability of a handheld, Valve’s Steam Deck promises to be a revolutionary piece of gaming hardware. Comparable to the Nintendo Switch, the portable PC will feature a wide variety of control options to make even the most complex titles accessible on the go. The Steam Deck is reportedly powerful enough to run even the most demanding titles, though not every game in the Steam library will be compatible. Only “Steam Deck Verified” games will be available on the system when it launches on February 25, though Valve will continue to approve more games for Steam Deck on an ongoing basis even after launch.


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As revealed by No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray on Twitter, the game’s recent Sentinel update also added full Steam Deck support to the intergalactic title. The space survival game is now Steam Deck Verified, with brand-new touch controls helping to make the experience accessible on Valve’s miniature PC. No Man’s Sky joins hundreds of other games that have already been given Steam Deck support ahead of the console’s February 25 launch.

Steam Deck users will soon be able to take No Man’s Sky to new frontiers, and the ambitious game’s mobile quest does not end there. It was recently announced that No Man’s Sky will release on Nintendo Switch in summer 2022, bringing the Hello Games project to yet another portable gaming platform. The port was reportedly difficult to create, due to the technical limitations of the Nintendo Switch and No Man’s Sky’s emphasis on complex procedural generation. The game has now been successfully translated onto Nintendo’s handheld console, however, with the upcoming release including every update released over the past five years.

No Man’s Sky has been a massive success for Hello Games, with the title launching to widespread criticism but eventually evolving into a beloved sci-fi experience. The next step on the project’s journey will bring it to the Steam Deck, allowing players to experience the procedurally-generated sci-fi epic wherever they go. With a brand-new platform soon supporting it, No Man’s Sky continues to soar higher and higher.

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No Man’s Sky is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, and it will release on Nintendo Switch in summer 2022.

Source: Sean Murray/Twitter

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