October 1, 2023


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North Hills Medical Clinic – A Review of the North Hills Medical Clinic

Our expertise at NHUCFC distinguishes us as professionals when tackling healthcare issues. We have more than 13 years of experience in the healthcare sector and provide only the best service. We started modestly in North Hills because we are a family-run healthcare facility. The clinic accepts most insurance plans, and no appointments are required. North Hills medical clinic can be your primary care clinic. Once you schedule an appointment with the doctor, you can walk into the clinic and get treated immediately.

The clinic is open daily, and we understand that people are always looking for convenience, which you offer at our clinic. If you lack insurance and need services from this clinic, do not worry. The health care services at our clinic are affordable. Our clinic has more benefits than emergency rooms, and the top one is that you do not need to wait hours to get treatment. Learn more on North Hills medical clinic in this post.

North Hills Medical Clinic

If you are looking for expert care, you are at the right place. The clinic was created to cater to the requirements of all patients regardless of what they are suffering from. During the treatment, the doctors ensure they are doing it in the best manner. You will feel loved during this treatment. Besides this, the doctors also try to make the overall experience memorable.

Benefits of North Hills Medical Clinic

At North Hills medical clinic, we deal with diverse medical issues. Here are the benefits of visiting a North Hills clinic;

  • North Hills medical clinic provides full-time services, and you do not require to wait for long hours to get treatment or experience the hardship of emergency rooms.
  • Any ailment and injuries will be treated at North Hills clinic well treated and which offers high-quality services.
  • Medical experts at North Hills medical clinic have what it takes to treat about 80 percent of medical issues seen in the emergency.
  • Onsite labs, x-rays, and pharmacies available at North Hills clinic will help you get the medical care you need.
  • North Hills residents can benefit from free prenatal care, pregnancy tests, and STD tests.

North Hills Urgent Care Services

Urgent care North Hills offers quick health and medical care treatments to outpatients. Services provided at North Hills clinic include prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of acute injuries and ailments. This means you will need vast knowledge to manage this clinic. The communication between the health care doctor and specialist enables this facility to offer the best health care needs. It also helps in attending to medical issues usually faced in the emergency rooms.

The main aim of setting up an urgent care clinic in North Hills is not to replace primary care services. However, it is meant to provide timely and convenient patient care when the primary care doctor is unavailable.

Medical Conditions Treated at North Hills Urgent Care

North Hills medical clinic medical professionals are nurses and nurse-physician assistants. However, there are other clinic whose staff are physicians. These health care providers request imaging and lab tests, including x-rays. The services help diagnose properly, enabling doctors to develop the best treatment plan. Urgent care North Hills clinic has established a list of conditions they treat and hours.

Unlike emergency rooms which offer expensive treatments, urgent care facilities are cheaper and take shorter periods to treat their patients. Services offered at North Hills urgent care are;

· Treatment of sprains and strains

· Fever or flu

· Broken bones

· Burns and injuries

· Asthma

· Paediatric care services

· Animal bites

· Rashes or irritation

· Non-life-threatening allergic reactions

· Ear infection

· School or camp physicals


North Hills medical clinic offers a wide variety of services, including sports medicine and family health. Besides providing medical treatment for mild ailments and injuries, the clinic offers pap smears, among other routine treatments. You will also receive primary care treatment and antibody testing when your doctor is unavailable. Visit North Hills medical clinic to enjoy the best treatments at affordable costs.