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Open-World Game V Rising Reveals Vampire Abilities & Horrifying Enemies

A new gameplay trailer for V Rising shows off combat, crafting, and some of the terrifying enemies players will find in the open-world vampire MMO.

A new trailer for the upcoming PC vampire survival game V Rising has given fans a closer look at some of the enemies and combat players can expect to experience when the game releases. The open-world V Rising was announced earlier this year, and has already piqued the interest of gamers thanks to its unique take on the vampire genre.

V Rising is a top-down adventure developed and published by Stunlock Studios, a developer that has previously launched a number of arena shooters and MOBA games. The title will challenge players to reclaim the night as vampires, hunting for blood, raising castles, and turning humans into loyal servants to do their bidding. Players will need to explore the game’s rich and diverse open world as they hunt for both sustenance and resources in an MMO that can be tackled alone or with a party. As may be expected from a vampire video game, V Rising will task players with avoiding the sunlight, keeping to the shadows in daylight hours.

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The first gameplay trailer for V Rising has now been released by Stunlock Studios, showing off the game’s dark yet beautiful environments as well as many of the enemies players will defeat. Along with deep and foggy dungeons, the trailer gives a taste of the forests and countrysides that players will traverse and conquer in their quest to become the next Dracula. The playable vampire is seen collecting resources, like wood and rock, which are used to help rebuild the player’s castle. Enemies include what appears to be a bear, as well as human soldiers, mythical flying creatures, anthropomorphic trees, and other beasts of myth and legend. After dusk has fallen, players will be able to make use of their vampire powers, used not just for stalking victims, but also for raiding, pillaging, and defense. The game’s press release explains:

“To survive as a vampire, you need to hunt for blood in nearby settlements, hide from the scorching sun and avoid stepping into garlic fields. Build your castle and invite blood-thirsty friends to join as you explore a gothic open-world, pillage villages, raid bandits, and wander into the territories of supernatural beasts. Attack other players’ castles, or become a diplomat in a game of blood, power, and betrayal. Devise your vampiric playstyle and engage in real-time PvE and PvP combat.”

Watch the trailer on YouTube here.

V Rising looks like it could be one of the darkest takes on vampire lore that gaming has seen, showing blood flowing freely as vampires devour their enemies using their special powers. The design of the vampire characters themselves shows a more classic approach to the beings’ history and lore, with no sparkly vamps in sight. The gameplay reveal begins with the player character’s coffin opening as they arise from its depths to stalk the night, with a demonic-looking vampire demonstrating how dark the game will be. Sunlight and its impact on the player is also seen, showing that players will be able to stand the harsh rays for a small amount of time.

With what looks to be a fairly big focus on crafting and survival, V Rising could do for vampires what Valheim did for Vikings. Valheim jumped to popularity with its unique spin on the traditional Viking game, adding in customization, near-limitless building and creation options, and tough yet satisfying gameplay. V Rising has all the ingredients to be the next big survival crafting PvP and PvE game, though with no release date yet announced, fans will have to wait before they can try the game for themselves.

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Source: YouTube/Stunlock Studios

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