April 14, 2024


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Oppo’s Retractable Smartphone Camera Is Cool As Hell

Oppo showed off a rollable phone a while ago, but it never made it to the market. So now, gaze upon this retracting camera phone with skeptical eyes.

Oppo has just shown off a smartphone rocking a retractable camera module at the back, just like eye-grabbing imaging hardware on the point-and-shoot cameras not too long ago. Now, Oppo is one brand that doesn’t shy away from innovation. When it launched the Oppo N1 a few years ago, the company made waves, equipping it with a flipping camera module at the top.

The company improved it and put a motor inside the flipping camera module, which means users no longer had to flick it manually for switching between the rear and selfie camera mode. Oppo’s Find 7 had the beautiful skyline notification light arc at the bottom. And just a few days ago, Oppo introduced the Reno 7 Pro, a premium phone whose rear camera bump is lined with a beautiful notification LED light on all sides. It appears that the company has more stuff left in its innovation box.


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Oppo’s official Twitter handle has tweeted a short video showing a phone with a retracting camera module. At first glance, it appears to be following the same philosophy as pop-up selfie cameras, except this time, the moving imaging hardware is being used at the back. Now, it is unclear if the retracting camera lens is the primary snapper or if it will serve as the zoom camera. The latter is more likely and appears to be an alternative for the periscope-style folded lens system for telephoto cameras that one can find on the likes of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Just Launch This Thing Already!

Oppo concept

The Chinese smartphone maker says it will reveal more details about its retractable camera at the INNO WORLD event on Dec. 14. The short video also makes it abundantly clear that the retractable camera module will be linked to some form of a fall detection tech, just like a majority of pop-up camera implementations out there. The idea is simple — the onboard gyro and gravity sensors will detect if a phone is undergoing free fall to automatically pull the retracting camera module inside and save it from mechanical damage. Oppo — which has recently integrated closely with OnePlus — will also showcase a virtual avatar technology next week.

However, there is no concrete information if the phone depicted in Oppo’s teaser video will hit the shelves. It is pretty likely that the company is showing it off as a concept and will eventually implement the tech on one or more of its upcoming premium phones down the road. But not all good things are made to last, and the same applies to concepts becoming a reality. Oppo showcased its rollable phone this year and even made bold promises about it, but the device eventually hit some quality snags and didn’t make it to the market. TCL also showed off a tri-folding phone-tablet hybrid, but that never got into the hands of customers either.

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