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Summerville Police
Department to install security
cameras in downtown area

Nico Romo, owner of NICO
and Bistronomy, to open 3rd
restaurant in Summerville

Downtown visitors will soon notice security
cameras being installed. During a recent
October committee meeting, Summerville
Town Council voted and approved the
purchase of nearly $55,000 in security
camera equipment for the town’s Hutchinson
Square area. The funding is supported by
Summerville’s hospitality tax.

Nico Romo has fond memories of large family
gatherings in France at a table filled with large
bowls of handmade pasta. Soon, he’ll set the
table for close to 100 Summerville diners with
their eyes set on rustic Italian cuisine.The
French-born chef, who opened NICO in Mount
Pleasant in 2017, calls forthcoming Laura“a love
letter to the storied, traditional Italian family
recipes”he grew up eating.

New townhomes, barber shop,
restaurant coming to Nexton;
Goose Creek to get Planet Fitness

Summerville police
audit evidence after guns,
money stolen

Pulte Homes is putting the final touches
on NextonTowns — 16 coastal-inspired
townhomes — that are in the Midtown
section of the Nexton development. Five of
the townhomes, which will be priced from
$290,000, will go on the market by the end
of October. Another five are expected to be
available in early December.

The Department is conducting an inventory of
its evidence room after money and guns were
stolen late last year and a former crime-scene
technician was charged in the case. Lt. Chris
Hirsch said the department is conducting
the audit with assistance from the State Law
Enforcement Division after former officerWade
Rollings was arrested on allegations he stole
almost $7,500 in cash from the department.

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