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Last week’s activity serves as
reminder that Palmetto State
is in ‘earthquake country’

Summerville residents struggle
with tennis spaces as sport’s
pandemic popularity increases

The small quakes felt throughout the
Lowcountry on Sept. 27 serve as a reminder
that South Carolina is situated within
“earthquake country.” Earthquakes are
common in this part of the world, but when
they occur in the Charleston area, they
aren’t typically intense. So, ones like the 3.3
magnitude quake tend to draw attention.

A men’s and women’s adult tennis league,
a local high school and casual residents all
utilize one set of public tennis courts at Doty
Park in Summerville. And though not the
biggest concern in the area, residents said the
challenge of maintaining the courts and the
popularity are a symptom of growing pains in a
small town area.

North Charleston firefighter
uses musical gift to honor fallen
heroes at memorial service

Dorchester Heritage Center
organizers to kick-start
fundraiser for new larger space

Growing up, Fire Capt.William“Chris”Kennedy
dreamed of becoming a recording artist.
Kennedy, 46, never imagined he’d find a
different use of his musical gift: honoring fallen
firefighters and warming the hearts of their
grieving families. “It gives me a good amount of
joy,” said Kennedy, who’s been recently tapped
to sing the national anthem at the National
Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service.

There aren’t many spaces in Dorchester
County dedicated to preserving the county’s
history. Now, one of those leading spaces is
running out of room.The Dorchester Heritage
Center is easy to miss. It’s tucked inside the old
courthouse space in St. George with no grand
signs or posters indicating its existence.

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