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People counting with real-time online reporting

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People counting devices allow you to estimate or even accurately calculate how many people have visited a point of sale are mainly used for marketing purposes. Compared with sales statistics, the attendance data helps you calculate the conversion rate (the number of visitors to actual buyers ratio) and, as a result, the efficiency of the entire business.

That allows for an in-depth analysis, assessing the effectiveness of decisions made and predicting traffic and revenue.

Monitoring, reporting live occupancy information, and controlling the social distance have gained a lot of demand during pandemic times.

People counting systems with online reporting help automate this process by tracking the number of visitors and displaying live notifications and announcements over any internet-connected screen, TV, tablet PC, or smartphone.

Counting solutions consist of visitor counting sensors, a gateway, and online reporting software, where the collected data is managed and displayed in visual graphs and tables.

These technological solutions are commonly used in shopping malls and stores. They are often installed in airports, parks, libraries, exhibitions, and other public places, thanks to technological advances.

People Counting Technologies

Counting the number of visitors is usually performed using various technical solutions. The most currently popular and widely used are:

  •   Video 2D/3D imaging sensors
  •   Passive infrared beam sensors
  •   Ultrasonic and thermal imaging sensors
  •   Radar sensors

How Does It Work?

SensMax has developed and successfully implemented a very easy to deploy and maintain hardware and software people counting solution to monitor and report the occupancy information online in real-time.

This system includes one SensMax LAN or wireless gateway and several autonomous wifi sensors installed at every entrance and exit.

These sensors may be grouped across the rooms with multiple entrances to control and display the number or

They count the visitors entering or leaving the building and transfer this information in real-time to the gateway. Browser-based online reporting software updates the occupancy data according to the number of people coming and going, so you will have the current number of visitors present on the premises.

Depending on the allowed occupancy level, the online system provides three types of notifications in green, orange, and red colors. The reporting system indicates a green “Welcome” signal when the current occupancy meets the maximum allowed capacity. If occupancy approaches the top level, the color will change to orange and display a “Visitor Limit Almost Reached” warning message. The red “Stop! Please Wait” message appears when the allowed occupancy is exceeded. To additionally draw the visitor’s attention, the reporting system can announce the message with a voice.

Public places that require limiting the occupancy have an option to use an LED display that you can install both indoors and outdoors. This display shows the current occupancy numbers and the announcement in three corresponding colors.

It is possible to collect, view and use the occupancy trends and historical data for more efficient premises management and marketing purposes. You will have footfall statistics, visiting trends, comparing the information, first/last crossing times, and checking analytical reports.

The SensMax people counting system requires an internet connection; installation is straightforward and takes several minutes. The wireless gateway system can manage up to 30 sensors installed on the sidewalls at the entrances in a range of 150 – 800 m.


  •   Easy installation and setup
  •   Powerful reporting system
  •   Support of all SensMax Timestamp Technology devices
  •   Option to monitor a network of stores or shopping malls
  •   Works on any web browser
  •   Works offline with wireless LED display

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the people counting solution for your business. We recommend contacting specialists who will consider all the nuances and select the best options for equipment and systems for counting visitors.

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