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Project Magnum Is a Destiny-Style Looter Shooter For PlayStation & PC

PlayStation has announced Project Magnum, an upcoming Destiny-like multiplayer shooter with RPG elements, coming to PlayStation 4, 5, and PC.

A new Destiny-like looter shooter has been announced for PlayStation and PC. The game’s working title is Project Magnum, and a first look at the upcoming game has been revealed with a new teaser trailer from developer Nat Games. Players can expect to see all the fun of a frenetic multiplayer shooter, combined with RPG elements.

Destiny 2 is one of the dominating games in its genre, with the title constantly evolving and updating to introduce fresh content and new lore with seasonal updates. The Destiny games arguably struggled to find their feet when first released, but Destiny 2 has become one of the biggest online RPG multiplayers after going free-to-play in 2019. Many multiplayer shooters have been inspired by Destiny and Destiny 2, including Godfall. Despite the success of Destiny 2, lots of titles that have used similar features and gameplay have failed to make the same cultural impact, including EA’s failed shooter Anthem.

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As revealed in a new trailer released by PlayStation, Project Magnum is looking like an action-packed adventure that should appeal to Destiny fans. The game’s third-person shooter combat is highlighted in the trailer, alongside explosive cinematics, and what look to be formidable boss battles. The trailer teases some impressive visuals for the sci-fi shooter, which will have a player vs. environment worldview. According to the developer, the game’s RPG elements mean players will need to master various skills, which can presumably be leveled up as players work their way through the dynamic world. More information, including a release date and confirmed title, are set to be announced “at a later date.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here.

The impressive graphics of Project Magnum look like they’ll be well-suited to high-spec PCs and PS5 consoles, though the PlayStation 4 may struggle. The multiplayer is seemingly targeting high framerates and high fidelity, which could mean the last-gen console may not be able to keep up. With more details to be announced on the game, it’s hoped that full gameplay will soon be revealed, which could give potential fans a better idea of what to expect at launch.

Project Magnum is one of many PlayStation console exclusives Sony fans have to look forward to. While some first-party PlayStation games have been pushed from their original planned 2021 releases to 2022, like Horizon Forbidden West and the God of War sequel, a new livesteam should highlight what’s coming to PS5 in the next few months. The PlayStation Showcase is rumored to feature God of War, and will take place on September 9.

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