July 18, 2024


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PS5 and Xbox Shortages Could Last Until 2023

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Image: Intel / Kotaku

Bad news to folks out there trying to get a new console like the PS5 or a fancy, more powerful graphics card for their aging PC. According to Intel, the ongoing semiconductor shortage will continue to make it hard to find and buy new electronics well into 2023.

As spotted by VGC, in an interview with CNBC published October 21, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger explained that there is some good news, that things will slowly get better. However, it could be a few years before GPU and CPU supply and production problems are completely squashed.

“We’re in the worst of it now,” Gelsinger explained,Every quarter next year we’ll get incrementally better, but they’re not going to have supply-demand balance until 2023.

This latest prediction that ongoing chip shortages and production problems will last until 2023 paints a worse picture than Xbox head Phil Spencer’s comments earlier this month.

He believed that the continued lack of supply and huge demand for consoles laptops, CPU and GPUs wasn’t entirely to blame on just a semiconductor shortage, telling The Wrap that there are “multiple kind of pinch points” in the process of making and shipping high-end electronics, like an Xbox Series X/S.

Ultimately he predicted it would last well into 2022, but didn’t say specifically if 2023 would see these same issues and shortages continue. Intel’s CEO seems to have a more dire outlook for the next two years.

Almost a year after next-gen consoles first launched, Intel and Spencer’s comments are just more evidence that things aren’t getting better anytime soon.

The continuing and frustrating problems created by global chip shortages, issues with covid-19, extremely high demand, annoying and shitty resellers, crypto miners, and supply-grabbin’ bots have combined to create a perfect and terrible storm that means most players are still unable to find either next-gen consoles or new GPUs on Amazon or store shelves. Even trying to buy an older console, like a PS4, is becoming near impossible for some folks.

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