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PS5 UK restocks

PS5 UK restocks

UPDATE 5: Another big PS5 stock drop will take place this week, as Argos prepares to restock the PlayStation 5.

According to the PS5 UK Stock account, Argos will restock the PlayStation 5 from 8am GMT on November 18.

“ARGOS DROP IMMINENT,” reads a tweet. “Tomorrow morning it is very likely that ARGOS will drop #PS5 consoles from 8am!

“We will keep you updated as we go but it will be a big drop and hopefully alot of you will be getting your hands on a PS5!”

Of course, there’s also a chance GAME will restock the PlayStation 5 for a second time, as cancelled orders are recirculated.

UPDATE 4: As promised, the GAME PS5 restock is live. Customers hoping to bag a PlayStation 5 console should head over to the website, where they will join a queue.

PS5: Sony unveil pricing for PlayStation 5 console



After reaching the front of the queue and the order page itself, customers will have 30 minutes to complete their order.

“If you select our Priority Insured delivery method (details can be found on the product page) your order will be shipped by November 22, all other delivery method orders will be shipped by November 29,” GAME points out.

You can purchase a console from GAME by clicking the link below.

It’s also worth remembering that additional consoles are likely to go on sale tomorrow.

UPDATE 3: GAME has announced plans to restock the PlayStation 5 on the morning of November 17.

The PS5 will be available at around 10am GMT UK time, although additional consoles could be available after GAME performs anti-scalping checks.

“Tomorrow morning we will be going live with a selection of PlayStation 5 consoles,” reads a GAME statement. “PlayStation 5’s continue to be in very high demand and that demand far outweighs current supply. We have strong measures in place to ensure that our ‘1 per customer’ statement is maintained.

“Alongside this we have our ‘anti scalping policy’ procedures in place to allow for as many individual customers to successfully purchase as possible. Please know that all pre-orders are subject to automatic checks. Order updates (such as cancellation emails) take place after a customer will have received a valid order confirmation email.

“At the present time these orders are still pre-orders and as such mo payments have yet been taken from customers. Payments will commence once our order and anti scalping policy checks have been completed.”

UPDATE 2: Currys has sent out PlayStation 5 purchase codes to VIP customers.

If you signed up to the Currys website, then it’s worth checking for an email, both in your Inbox and Junk folder.

Customers who missed out this time should visit the Currys website and sign up for a chance to buy a PS5 in the future.

While sign-ups are currently closed, there’s a chance they’ll re-open in the future, so keep an eye on the PS5 hub at Currys.

It’s also worth contacting local stores for potential restocks or cancelled orders.

UPDATE: As we count down to the release of the PS5 restock at Argos, Express Online ponders whether now might be the time to invest in a second-hand PlayStation.

As you can see from the link below, second-hand PlayStation 5 prices are starting to drop at places like CEX and eBay.

PS5 UK PRICE CUT – Is now the time to purchase a second-hand PlayStation 5?Link

While you’ll still end up paying more than the recommended retail price on the second-hand market, consoles are much cheaper than they were at peak PlayStation 5 popularity.

ORIGINAL: PS5 customers will have multiple opportunities to purchase a PlayStation console this week.

As part of our desire to help readers get hold of a PS5 in time for Christmas, Express Online will be posting live restock alerts. Just keep an eye on this article for all the latest PlayStation 5 stock updates.

If you’re looking for a PlayStation 5 this week, then your first port of call should be the PlayStation Direct website, which has already restocked the device once today.

The site offers fans the chance to purchase everything from PS Plus subscriptions and hardware, to games and accessories. This includes PS5 consoles, which can be purchased as standalone devices without any games.

The US Direct website receives stock on a regular basis, so don’t be surprised to see a second restock later this week.

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of securing a console, PS5 UK Stock Alerts recommends setting up a Sony account sooner rather than later.

“Please make sure that you have an account set up with Sony and all your details are saved such as billing address, phone number and card if possible.

“This will ensure that you can checkout the quickest and not have to create an account on the drop which could mean you miss out on a console.”

Argos is also expected to restock the PlayStation 5 this week, following a recent delay.

Originally expected between November 9-12, the PlayStation 5 restock looks like it will take place between November 16-19.

That’s according to the PS5 UK Stock Alerts account on Twitter: “Argos drop delayed. More information on why and when will be available soon. Stay tuned.

“Some stores have said they have received an email saying to hold off dropping stock for 1 week or so. It is still worth checking your local today just incase there is any stock readily available.”

You can find the links to Argos, as well as retailers like Amazon and GAME by checking out the widget above.

Following on from the recent news that Sony has airlifted PlayStation 5 consoles into the UK, there’s a good chance GAME and Amazon will also restock the PS5 this week.

Check out some recommended PlayStation 5 shopping tips below.

PlayStation 5 shopping tips when buying from GAME…

• Get familiar with the bundles, so you know which one to target first: Obscure bundles are easier to get, standalones almost impossible. [GAME]

• When alerted, click through to your first bundle of choice as quickly as possible, this will get you into the queue. [GAME]

• If it says it’s failed when trying to checkout, it means that bundle is now OOS. So go back to the bundles and pick another one. [GAME]

• Checking out too much too quickly will give you a 30-60 second timeout, so don’t rush it. If this happens, just wait a bit then try again. [GAME]

PlayStation 5 general shopping tips…

• Login if you already have an account with the retailer.

• Use multiple devices wherever possible – desktop browser, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

• If the retailer has a dedicated app, download and use the app for purchasing a PS5.

• Sign up for retailer stock alerts where possible. Sites like ShopTo allow users to register interest.

• Follow stock checker accounts and websites, including PS5 UK Stock and Express Gaming.

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