July 21, 2024


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PUBG PC Patch 14.1 Adds Halloween Theme

The latest patch has arrived for the PC version of PUBG, and it includes some Halloween themed updates.

It’s that time of year again where games start getting in the spirit of Halloween. With October just around the corner, themed additions have been planned for a lot of the top games. PUBG is no exception. This year, parts of the game will be fully decorated to maximize the Halloween vibe.

Locations such as the School will appear noticably different. These areas feature large pumpkin signs, adorned with lights. Themed banners decorate nearby lamposts, while string lights and bunting stretch across buildings. The full list of Halloween changes and additions have been included below.

What is Included in PUBG PC Patch 14.1 Halloween Content?

While it might not be the largest addition, the Halloween content added to PUBG will certainly be noticeable. Here’s everything that has been added:

  • School, Hospital, and the Starting island area have been decorated with the Halloween concept.
  • Halloween-themed weather, with unique moon color and fog in certain areas, is added to Normal matches and Custom matches.
  • Weather has a 30% probability to be Halloween. Clear sits at 50, while Cloudy is at 20.
  • Care Package smoke has been changed to Halloween colors. Flaregun crates are an exception.
  • Placed Mummy Coffins at School, Hospital, and the Starting Island.

Patch 14.1 is now live on PC test servers. Be sure to check it out to start getting into the spooky spirit.

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