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Ranking the best James Bond villains before ‘No Time to Die’

James Bond may survive in the end, but these bad guys always leave 007 shaken and stirred.

The many wicked adversaries of the superspy are as synonymous with the British spy films as high-tech gadgets, Aston Martin cars and sexcapades with alluring women.

Before the series’ 25th movie, “No Time to Die,” brings new life to movie theaters on Oct. 8, here are our choices for the best Bond villains.

5. Raoul Silva

One of the newer Bond villains is among the very best, with Spanish actor Javier Bardem bringing pure evil to the franchise through his performance as Raoul Silva.

Introduced in 2012′s “Skyfall,” Silva is a cyberterrorist out for revenge against MI6 leader M for whom he holds a homicidal grudge.

His face and teeth suffered deformations after he survived an attempted suicide using a cyanide pill when he was taken into Chinese custody.

4. Dr. No

As the central villain in the first Bond movie, Dr. Julius No deserves credit for providing a compelling opponent for Sean Connery’s 007. Played by Joseph Wiseman, Dr. No was a brilliant scientist with a Napoleon complex who proclaims: “I do not like failure.”

Dr. No met an early demise in the franchise, but he helped set the tone for a series filled with power-hungry villains with grandiose schemes.

3. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Like Bond, Blofeld has undergone numerous iterations over the years.

Initially introduced in the 1960s as the mysterious leader of the evil SPECTRE organization, the character has had a major role over the years as one of Bond’s greatest foes.

The actors who have portrayed Blofeld include Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas and, most recently, Christoph Waltz, who returns in “No Time to Die.” The character is also memorably lampooned as Dr. Evil in the “Austin Powers” movies, right down to the furless cat.

2. Jaws

The massive minion of other antagonists, Jaws sinks his teeth into our top five as one of the most-unique movie villains ever.

He was played by the 7-foot-2 Richard Keil in two Bond movies: 1977′s Roger Moore-led “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker” (1979).

Through the use of his metal teeth and incredible size, Jaws is as imposing a bad guy as they come.

And he’s indestructible. Throughout the movies, he survives being tossed out of a moving train, falling several thousand feet after accidentally disabling his parachute and even an underwater battle where he dispatches a deadly shark with his bare jaws.

1. Goldfinger

The insatiable greed of Auric Goldfinger mixed with his willingness to go to extremes to gratify it made him a worthy enemy of Bond in one of the franchise’s most-beloved movies.

Gert Frobe embodied the titular gold smuggler in 1964′s “Goldfinger,” while Michael Collins provided the voice.

The character provided a particularly unforgettable moment when Bond, strapped to a table with a laser bearing down on him, asked if he was expected to talk, to which, Goldfinger replied: “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

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