June 19, 2024


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Royal Navy reveals ‘fleet of the FUTURE’ with self-driving submarines and ‘fast-strike rail gun drones’

THE ROYAL Navy has revealed some of its plans for the ‘fleets of the future’.

It includes designs for a huge flying drone station floating above Earth and a self-driving submarine.

This could be the submarine of the future for the British Navy


This could be the submarine of the future for the British NavyCredit: Royal Navy
This is the design for a drone base that floats above the Earth


This is the design for a drone base that floats above the EarthCredit: Royal Navy

Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral Nick Hine said: “In a future scenario if we find ourselves unable to compete traditionally in terms of mass, we must think differently if we are to regain operational advantage.

“The young engineers who worked on this project are thinking radically and with real imagination and reflects how the Royal Navy is thinking too.”

The UK Naval Engineering Science and Technology (UKNEST) set a challenge for young engineers to design some Navy fleets.

One of the successful admissions was a flying drone station that is lifted into the stratosphere by a large helium balloon.

It would be solar powered to make it sustainable and more cost-effective.

The station could drop drones from the sky that have forward-facing rail guns.

The drones would aim to strike targets on land and underwater.

Although all the designs are currently in their conceptual phase, the Royal Navy is looking to invest in what it calls “a more innovative and automated fleet”.

Other designs include a strangely shaped submarine that creates ‘hex block’ drones for transporting goods underwater.

A semi-submersible carrier has also been proposed that can release self-driving submarines as well as crewed vessels.

Many of the designs suggest the navy is looking to move away from manned vehicles while also looking for more sustainable options.

This vessel could be a carrier for self-driving submarines


This vessel could be a carrier for self-driving submarinesCredit: Royal Navy
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