June 13, 2024


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Samsung CEO Bows in Apology Over App Throttling

Samsung Experience Division CEO JH Han literally bowed in apology to shareholders over the company throttling apps on its phones.

News broke in early March that Samsung was throttling game performance on its phones, including its latest flagship S22. Despite the company’s denials, reports seemed to indicate it was also throttling a slew of non-game apps, including some of the most popular ones on the market. The company quickly promised a fix.

According to ZDNet, at a recent shareholders meeting, JH Han bowed before shareholders in an effort to apologize for the fiasco. Despite Han’s apology, the CEO still defended the Game Optimization Service (GOS) software responsible for the throttling.

In addition to claiming GOS optimizes smartphone performance, Han denied claims the software was designed to make up for flaws in the S22’s design. Some had said the software was compensating for Samsung not using hardware that could better dissipate heat, by reducing performance and thereby lowering heat levels.

In the meantime, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission is investigating the issue. Given the precedent that has already been set by Apple losing legal challenges to its own iPhone throttling, it’s a safe bet Samsung’s GOS legal issues are just beginning.

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