August 9, 2022

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Samsung Exynos 2200 Delayed due to RDNA2 GPU Thermals, Leaker Alleges

Samsung has rescheduled the unveiling of its highly anticipated Exynos 2200 mobile processor. This new SoC is particularly interesting as it debuts AMD RDNA2 GPU technology for mobiles. Moreover, it could have been a showcase for Samsung’s 4nm process technology. However, the delay is causing some speculation in the  community. A well known and usually reliable smartphone leaker, Ice Universe asserts that Samsung pulled the Exynos 2200 launch due to out of control thermals. Samsung has sought to reassure industry watchers that there are no performance issues.

Let us wind-back the clock on this story to New Year, when we reported on Samsung’s Twitter video tease about the unveiling of the Exynos 2200 series with AMD RDNA2 graphics scheduled for Jan 11. This would be the first fruit of the collaboration between AMD and Samsung, and the crossover would be interesting news for both PC and mobile enthusiasts. However, Samsung let the teased unveil date slip by without any mention of its new RDNA2 GPU infused Exynos.

It is easy to miss a no-show in such a busy period for tech, but well known smartphone leaker Ice Universe shared a juicy background story about the pulled unveiling / launch via his Weibo account.

(Image credit: Ice Universe, Weibo)

We need to take these assertions with a pinch of salt, especially given Samsung’s official response. Ice Universe says that the AMD RNDA2 GPU part of the Exynos SoC has a target clock speed of 1.9 GHz. However, in practice, due to thermal issues, it could only run at 1.29 GHz, in an acceptable manner. Various clocks between 1.29 GHz and 1.9 GHz were tested, goes the tale, but the lesser speed was the first with acceptable thermals. The actual temperatures are not revealed, instead we learn that all for speeds greater than 1.29 GHz, they are “hot”.

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