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Samsung Kills the Galaxy Note Because Everyone Owns Giant Phones Now

Samsung finally confirms what we’ve suspected for a while: the Galaxy Note series is no more, and the S22 Ultra is its replacement.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G in matte black

If you’ve been waiting for a Galaxy Note series phone since the debut of the Note 20 series in 2020, Samsung has some bad news for you. The tech company has officially killed the Galaxy Note brand. Here’s everything you need to know.

Samsung Kills the Samsung Galaxy Note Brand

Samsung’s Galaxy Note brand name is officially no more. News of the departure of the Galaxy Note branding comes barely a month after the company revealed the Galaxy S22 series. Roh Tae-moon, Samsung’s smartphone chief, officially confirmed it at Mobile World Congress 2022.

According to Roh, the Galaxy Note will now launch as the Ultra (like the Galaxy S22 Ultra). This is no surprise as the company has already used the Galaxy Note’s blueprint and DNA to make its latest flagship, the S22 Ultra. Besides, the company has not released a Galaxy Note series phone since the Note 20 devices in 2020.

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Why Samsung No Longer Needs the Galaxy Note

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To understand why the South Korean tech giant has killed the Note brand, it pays to know why the Note was introduced in the first place.

The main pitch of the Note was that it was a big screen device, at a time when smartphone displays were comparatively small. It was a separate big-screen phone for power users who required more screen real estate than was standard at the time.


But as time went on, industry-wide, smartphones have become bigger than ever. As such, a big display size alone isn’t a stand-out feature. Even internally, later models of the Galaxy Note grew more and more similar to the Galaxy S series, with the only key difference being the design and the S Pen.

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The Galaxy Note Brand Is Officially Dead

News of Samsung killing the Galaxy Note brand have been making rounds online for a while. The first signs of the Note’s departure came when the company started adding S Pen support to other Galaxy series phones.

And in 2021, Roh Tae-moon said the company wouldn’t launch a Note throughout the year. Months later, the company officially integrated the Note’s DNA into its high-end Galaxy S series phone and launched it as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

And with the S22 Ultra being a Note in all forms and shapes except the name, there’s just no need for the Note brand anymore.

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