July 19, 2024


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Sanjana steals data from Dev’s laptop

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In today’s episode, Sonakshi saw Dev and Sanjana talking in the office. She comes there and asks Dev what is going on and what is Sanjana doing in his office. Dev takes Sanjana outside the cabin and asks her to listen to him. While Sanjana was in the cabin she takes the glass of water from Dev’s desk and remembers that it was the glass from which Dev was drinking water. She drinks from the glass and started smiling. Sonakshi urges him to do the transfer. But Dev consoles her that he thinks that Sanjana has learned her lesson so now there is no need to do that. Sonakshi questions him what if Sanjana tells everything to Suhana. Dev calms down Sonakshi and says he will take care of that.


While, Sanjana after drinking the water, grabs a USB from her purse and looks towards the door, and goes to Dev’s laptop to transfer some files from his laptop to her pen drive. While Sonakshi scolds Dev and says that she will tell Ishwari about this then she will take care of him. Dev started laughing and says he thinks this is for the best. Dev teases Sonakshi and Sonakshi gets a call from the office so she leaves. Sanjana also leaves after her, when Sonakshi sits in her car, Sanjana also opens the door of her car and slid inside the car. Sonakshi asks her what is she doing. Sanjana tells her that she is here to say sorry to her. Sonakshi gets irritated and asks her to leave the car. 


Sanjana asks Sonakshi to leave her in the way. Sonakshi asks her where she wants her to leave her. Sanjana says that she can leave her near Ishwari’s house. Sonakshi asks her why Sanjana replies that she has brought a dollhouse for Suhana and wants to give her. Sonakshi asks her why she is doing all this. Sanjana replies that she always wanted to give Suhana this.


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